Journeys is a new way to track and visualize people completing sequential interactions.
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Our students interact with us in countless ways. Our business processes cross modules within Element451. Journeys is a new way to track and visualize people completing sequential interactions. Use Journeys to track custom enrollment funnels, follow your search names as they convert to hand-raising inquiries, view admitted student interactions as they move closer to enrolling, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless.

Accessing Journeys

The Journeys module can be accessed from the Data + Automations dropdown in the top navigation.

Creating or Editing a Journey

To create a new Journey, click on the + New Journey button located in the module header. On most laptop and desktop displays, this will be on the right-hand side of the header.

To edit an exciting Journey, select Edit from the options menu in the row of the journey you wish to edit.

Configure your Journey in the sheet:


Give your Journey a name by entering text in the sheet header.


Journey Active: This enables or disables this Journey. An inactive journey will not listen for or evaluate any user events.

Color Scale: This color is the basis for the Journey path as it is displayed on the Journeys profile card.

Conversion Window: This setting establishes the time the Journey will continue to evaluate events after someone has started the Journey. When the conversation window is over, new events will no longer be evaluated.

Past Activities: This optional mode allows you to evaluate actions that may have happened before activating the Journey. This includes the evaluation of Triggers, Steps, and Exit Events. Past events must still be completed in the expected order to satisfy Journey conditions.

Description: Add text to explain to others the Journey.

Journey Triggers

The Trigger(s) are activities that will enroll or begin a person on this journey. You can configure multiple triggers and the Journey will begin if any one of the conditions is met. Triggers can be configured using activities from various modules, including Applications, Conversations, Decisions, Events, and People.

Journey Steps

Steps are the individual activities that must be completed to progress through the Journey. Step conditions can be configured across a wide array of activities ranging from account creation, submitting an application, updates to application decisions, email interactions, event registrations, page views and more.

Generally speaking, Journey steps must be completed in order (See "groups" below for an exception). A Journey is only listening for the next step for each user in Journey. For example:

(A) Received invite email > (B) clicked on the email link > (C) registered for the event

If the user has completed A, the Journey is looking for the email click next. If the user does not click on the email but goes to the website and registers (completes C) the Journey will not move forward as B is still incomplete.

Therefore, it is important to consider the most critical metrics for the business process(es) that your Journey is tracking.

Step Groups allow you to bundle multiple steps together to be evaluated together. A group can be configured in two ways:

  • All (Any Order): All activities in this group must be completed, but they can be done in any order. Once all activities are completed, the group will be considered complete and the Journey will look toward the next step.

  • Any: If any single in this group is complete, the group will be considered complete and the Journey will look toward the next step.

To create a group, select two or more steps and click Create New Group.

Journey Exit Triggers

Exit Triggers are activity conditions that, if completed, mean that the base Journey can never be completed. Consider a Journey that is tracking an admitted student's Journey from decision release, to deposit, to attendance at orientation. If they withdraw, after the decision is released, we know they will never move forward in the Journey. The are "disqualified" from moving forward.

More on Journeys coming soon...

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