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Searching for a User by Name, Email, or Characteristic
Searching for a User by Name, Email, or Characteristic

Explore how to search for a user based on their name/email or specific characteristics.

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Searching for a user in your instance by their name, email, or profile characteristics is quick and easy.

Search for a User by Name or Email

  1. There are two places you can search for a user using their name or email:

    1. Using your global search bar in your top orange header menu

    2. Using the built-in search in the People Module (Contacts > People)

Search for a User by Characteristic or Behavior

To search by a user characteristic or behavior, you will add a filter to your search.

  1. Navigate to Contacts > People.

  2. At the top, click the + Add Filter button to the right of Segment. A window will open to configure your filter(s).

  3. Select your filter Type. The options are All, Popular, Users, Activity, Relationships, Tasks, Decisions, Documents, Surveys, and Appointments. You can learn more here about how these filters can be used.

  4. After selecting the Type that matches how you want to search, you'll be prompted to choose additional options related to your specific search. You can also use the Find Filter search option to narrow the list quickly.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. You can then add additional filters, or if you're done, click Apply.

  7. People whose profiles fit your selected filters will now be displayed.

  8. You can save your search as a new segment by clicking Save As New Segment or clicking Clear to clear your search to start over.


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