At the top of the profile you will see the person's name and profile image, if available. Below the name, are labels they've been tagged with, and the date and description of their latest interaction with Element451. 


The Overview tab includes a little bit of everything. It pulls snippets of information from other sections of the person's profile. Read on to learn more about those sections.


The Conversations tab displays the latest messages the person has participated in through the Conversations module. It also contains a log of past conversation. You can:

  • Click the Reply icon at the bottom of the widget to open a text box where you can type a quick response to the thread.
  • Click the Open icon next to the Reply icon to open the user's Conversation page.
  • Search through conversations using the search bar and list of messages to the left.


If the person has been invited to or registered for any Event451 events, you will see that information displayed in the Events tab. What you can do:

  • Click through the tabs on the left to see All Event activity, This Week, Upcoming, and Past.
  • Search the list using the search bar and filters.
  • See the person's event registration form data by clicking the Registration Details icon on the right of the event row. There you can view their info, add to it, or mark them as attended.
  • Go to the event's editor page by clicking the event title or the view icon on the right of the event row.


Notes help you record information from one-to-one contact with prospects, applicants, etc., such as phone calls. Tracking this information helps keep your team informed, and improves students' enrollment experience by giving you and your team an understanding of where they are with their decision, application process, etc.

With the Notes feature you can:

  • See the most recent notes and search the text of note history.
  • Add new notes. Simply click the blue plus sign Write a Note button. Fill in the note form and save it to the person's profile.
  • Read full note details by clicking on a note.
  • Edit and remove notes using the edit and delete icons on the right of a note row.


The Applications tab shows all applications a person has started and the status for each. You can click through to each application to:

  • See general application information.
  • Download completed application documents.
  • Check out their section-by-section progress.
  • View significant dates like Account Created, App Started, Last Login, and App Submitted.
  • Login as the user to gather information on a started application by clicking the three dots outlined in picture below.  

Click here to learn about adding an individual user into Element. 

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