At the top of the profile, you will see the person's name and profile image, if available. Then, below the name are labels they've been tagged with, contact information, Territory, and any applications the student has started or submitted.

In the upper right corner, you will see an option to start a 1-1 conversation via email or SMS, to Settings for the profile, and an option to search for a duplicate profile.

Next, you will see several tabs providing a detailed look into the studnet's profile.


The Overview tab includes a little bit of everything. It pulls snippets of information from other sections of the person's profile.

Profile Info

Profile info dives deeper into the student's details. It provides information on Academics, Identities, Milestones, Education, Family, Traits, Employment, Sources, Athletics, Activities, GPA, Test Scores, Supr Scores, and Additional Information that your institution collects via a request for information forms or the application via custom fields.


The activity tab outlines the documented interactions the student has had with your institution. These include opened and clicked emails, SMS, interaction with their application account, any events registration and attendance, forms submitted, etc.


The Conversations tab displays the latest messages the person has participated in through the Conversations module. It also contains a log of past conversations.


If the person has been invited to or registered for any Event451 events, you will see that information displayed in the Events tab. Additionally, you can click through the tabs on the left to see All Event activity, This Week, Upcoming, and Past.


Notes help you record information from one-to-one contact with prospects, applicants, etc., such as phone calls. Tracking this information helps keep your team informed and improves students' enrollment experience by giving you and your team an understanding of where they are with their decision, the application process, etc.


The workflows tab allows you to see the workflows the student is enrolled in, as well as the finished and aborted workflows. Next to each workflow, you can view the workflow, manually remove the student from the workflow, or finish the workflow.


The document tab includes any documents the student has uploaded via their application or Microsite and any manually added documents by your institution.


The Applications tab shows all applications a person has started and the status for each. You can click through to each application to see general application information, download completed application documents, or log in as the user to gather information on a started application by clicking the three dots outlined in the picture below.  


The relationships tab will list any connections to other profiles in Element451. Examples include parents, influencers such as coaches, counselors, priests, etc.

For a more detailed overview of the User Profile, we recommend watching the following videos:

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