Source Codes are a primary part of your attribution model for Element451 and are incredibly helpful in tracking where your leads are coming from.

Click on the data tab and select Source Codes.

The Blue Plus on the top right of the screen will allow you to create new Source Codes to append to people.  You'll need to name the source and add a code to it, then click Add.

If you need to edit any of these later, you can select the pencil icon and edit the values.

Digging deeper, you are able to add source code segments.  You can click into each of the source codes you have created and add source code segments.  You should consider the conventions that you wish to use when setting these up so that it will be easier to go back and find and report on them later.

Note* the code value is the value that will need to be on any import files in order to map to a source code.

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