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Adding an Unsubscribe/Opt-Out Option in Campaign Emails
Adding an Unsubscribe/Opt-Out Option in Campaign Emails

Learn how to integrate unsubscribe options in emails using Element451, ensuring compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act for trust and legality.

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Managing subscriber preferences effectively is crucial to maintaining trust and compliance in digital communication. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to integrate an unsubscribe option in your email campaigns using Element451. We'll explore both the use of pre-made footer blocks available within the platform and the steps to create a custom unsubscribe link or button manually.

Including an opt-out option in your communications is not just a best practice—it’s also a legal requirement under the CAN-SPAM Act. Opting out must be clear and straightforward for recipients. For more detailed information on compliance, visit the FTC’s guide to the CAN-SPAM Act at

Using Pre-Made Footer Blocks to Include an Unsubscribe Option

Element451 simplifies the inclusion of an unsubscribe link in your email communications through its pre-designed footer blocks, available in the Campaigns module. Each footer block features a built-in unsubscribe text link, which is directly tied to a unique unsubscribe token for each recipient.

How It Works

  • Add a footer content block to your email. The unsubscribe link in the footer block is already configured with a personalized unsubscribe token.

  • When a recipient clicks on this link, Element451 automatically records this action as an unsubscribe request in the recipient's profile based on the token.

Creating a Manual Unsubscribe Link

For those who prefer a more tailored approach, creating a manual unsubscribe link allows for customization of the message and placement within your email layout.

Steps to Create a Manual Unsubscribe Link

  1. Choose Your Text: Decide on the text that recipients will click to unsubscribe—common choices include "Unsubscribe from this list" or "Click here to opt-out."

  2. Insert the Link: Highlight your chosen text and click on the ‘insert link’ button in your email editor.

  3. Add the Unsubscribe Token: In the URL field of the hyperlink, input [custom:unsubscribe] as the destination. This token will generate a unique link for each recipient.

  4. Save Your Changes: Ensure that all edits are saved and your email is ready to send with the new unsubscribe link in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What happens after a person unsubscribes?

    A: After someone unsubscribes using the link or button in your email, they are given the Email Unsubscribe Date milestone. The system then automatically prevents future emails from being sent to them.

  • Q: Can I manually unsubscribe someone, for example, if they call or email and ask to be unsubscribed?
    A: Yes, you can manually add an unsubscribe milestone to a person's record. That process is outlined here.

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