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Definition look-up for commonly used Element451 terms.

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Commonly used terms in Element451

User: An individual user record in element, also referred to as a person.

Filters: Unique properties that narrow down groups of people when applied together. 

Workflows: The primary automation tool in Element451, used to automate useful actions such as sending communications. 

Rules: An automation tool that is always executed immediately, used to automate data without delay and maintain consistent data principles. 

Conversation Rules: An automation tool in Conversations451, used to assign, automatically reply, and close conversations with people. 

Tags: Custom markets used to segment groups in individual modules; decision tags, segment tags, communication tags, conversations tags. 

Labels: Custom markers used to represent data at the top of a user’s profile. 

Tasks: The to-do management feature in Element451, used to assign and manage to-dos, document real world activities, and track recruitment progress. 

Note Types: Common actions your team members take during your recruitment process. Each note is assigned a note type. 

Activities: Behavioral data points that relate to a person. When you mark a task complete it is added to the users activity feed. 

Regular Data Source: also know as a custom data source, used to build a new data source from the ground up. 

Reference Data Source: a data source that maps back to your Majors, Terms, or Campuses and which are narrowed down by specific properties within those categories. 

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