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Explore Insights—Element451's analytics suite and learn how to navigate dashboards to uncover trends for data-informed decisions.

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What is Insights?

Insights is Element451’s embedded suite of analytics dashboards and reporting tools that helps Element451 partners identify trends and make data-informed decisions.

Accessing Insights

  • Element451 offers unlimited access to the Insights module, allowing any team member who needs visibility into analytics dashboards to view them.

  • Each dashboard within Insights has its own permissions settings to manage access appropriately.

Navigate to Data + Automations > Insights.

If you cannot see Insights or a specific dashboard, you likely lack the necessary permissions. Please consult your administrator or the Insights access guide to adjust your permissions.

Available Dashboards

Insights contains several reports based on themes or Element451 modules:

The Appointments dashboard analyzes the performance of all Appointments metrics. Explore performance metrics by date, segment, and various student dimensions.

The Campaigns dashboard analyzes the performance of both email and SMS campaigns. Explore performance metrics by campaign name, segment name, and tags.

The Conversations dashboard analyzes the performance of all Conversations metrics. Explore performance metrics by date, segment, and various student dimensions.

The Data Hygiene dashboard is designed to surface issues in your data and help you fix them.

The Events dashboard analyzes the performance of events created in Element451. Explore performance metrics by event name, event type, and student dimensions.

The Funnel Dashboard logs students' paths through your enrollment funnel over time. Explore funnel stages by their point-in-time performance and compare them by various dimensions.

The Management dashboard allows managers to see individual staff performance across tasks, decisions, conversations, notes, etc.

The Payments dashboard shows trends and aggregate data on payments made via the Element451 platform.

The Sources dashboard analyzes the sources added to people's profiles in Element451. Explore funnel counts, conversions, and student dimensions by source type, name, and segment.

The Tasks Performance dashboard gives your team insight into their performance with Tasks. Explore trends by Tasks Created, Due, Incomplete & Complete.

The Web Activities dashboard provides valuable insights into how visitors interact with your website content.

The Insights Interface

Learn how to read and control Insights reports.


Visualizations are the charts, graphs, and narratives that make up an Insights Report. Narratives are visualizations that feature Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or lists. Features include:

  • Drill down into visualization with the visualization settings menu.

  • Filter the report by clicking on a visualization value.

  • Zoom in to visualizations.


Controls will filter the report based on the inputted value. You can find controls at the top of the report or in-line next to certain visualizations.

Resetting a Dashboard

To reset the report to default, click the refresh icon in the top left of the report.


Why is there no data?

There are a variety of reasons an Insights report is blank. Try the following quick fixes:

  1. Reset the report. A visualization may be filtering the report. Check the date controls. If the date is too far in the past, it may pre-date your activity in Element451.

  2. Check what fields are being used. For example, if you aren’t using Milestones, your funnel report will not work.

  3. If data is still missing, there may be issues with your data in Element. Check out this guide for data cleanup.

How is my data stored?

Element451 stores analytics data in Snowflake, a data warehouse. Here, data is modeled and sent to Insights.

How can I access my institution’s data?

You can access your institution's data in a variety of ways.

  • Download raw data using the Export module. Learn more.

  • Access all of your analytics data in real time using Snowflake. Download your data as needed, or connect it to your own data platform via API. Want to learn more about Snowflake? Reach out to Customer Success.

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