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Web Activities Dashboard
Web Activities Dashboard
Learn how to navigate and read the Insights Web Activities Dashboard
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Web Activities Dashboard Overview

The Web Activities dashboard provides valuable insights into how visitors interact with your website content. By tracking visitor behavior, acquisition sources, and demographic information, you can gain a better understanding of your audience and make data-driven decisions to improve your website.

Using the Dashboard

Use this dashboard to understand how visitors use your website, and how they "convert", or take a desired action. The dashboard can also be used to understand how users find your website, and how effect your campaigns to drive visitors to your website have been.

Accessing the Dashboard

The Web Activities dashboard can be found via the Insights sub-menu. The Insights module can be accessed from the Data + Automations dropdown in the top navigation.

Dashboard Features

The Web Activities dashboard features sections addressing your web visitor's behavior, how they were acquired and who they are. It also covers the performance of each of your pages.

Web Activities are filter to a specific time range by default. Controls also allow you to select the conversion type you would like to measure, and whether to include anonymous sessions in your default.

Global Controls

  • Global Start Date: The start date of the time filter. Set to the start of the previous quarter by default.

  • Global End Date: The end date of the time filter. Set to "today" by default.

  • Active Conversion: Select the conversion you would like to measure. Available options are "Form Submission", "Event Registration" and "Started Application".

  • Identified: Filter the dashboard by "Identified" visitors, "Anonymous" visitors or both. Both by default.


Data in the Web Activities dashboard is organized under one tab.

Visualizations Sections



  • Big blue numbers indicate the sum or average of key metrics.

  • Metrics are time-filtered by the global controls.

  • The Sessions card indicates the total number of visitor sessions during the time period

  • Average cards show the session duration in minutes, sessions per user, time to conversion and time on site after conversion.

Sessions Over Time


  • A line chart shows how Sessions compare to a previous period.

Unique Controls:

  • Comparison Period: Select the comparison period. Options are Previous Year, Previous Quarter and Previous Month.

  • Time Aggregation: Options are Day, Month, Quarter and Year.

  • Sessions Over Time Date Range: A unique date range control for only this visualization. Defaults to the same time period as the global controls.

Page Performance


  • Big blue numbers indicate the sum or average of key metrics.

  • The Total Pageviews card displays the number of pageviews your site has received.

  • Average cards show the time on page in minutes, link clicks per page, time to last link click and pages per session.

  • A log shows all pages by a variety of metrics.

Unique Controls:

  • Page Search: Filter the section by searching for a page.

  • Page Metadata View: View the Full Url, Full Url + UTMs, Page Path, Hostname or Page Title.



  • Insights showing the top 3 Referrer Segments and top three entrance URLs

  • Pivot Table showing Session Referrers and their Conversion Location, grouped by Referrer Segment.



  • Pie chart shows the distribution of identified vs anonymous visitors.

  • Map shows the location of visitors by their zip code.

  • Insights show the top 3 browser and operating systems for your visitors.

  • Bar chart shows demographic information about identified visitors.

Dashboard Data

Web Activities data is derived from the Activity Feed associated with each student record. Read more about the Activity Feed. The dashboard considers pageviews, link clicks, form submissions, event registrations, and application starts.

The dashboard then groups these activities into "sessions". A session begins when a user views a page and ends after the user has not viewed any more pages for over 30 minutes. If form submission, event registration or application start occurs within that duration, it is considered a "conversion" of that session.

Note: The Web Activities dashboard does not necessarily count all form submissions, event registrations and applications starts. Only the ones that can be attributed to a session.

Data Capture

Element451 natively captures activity data on Element451 Pages, Event Sites and Application Sites. Use the Element451 Tracking Pixel to capture activities on your other websites. Read more about tracking and using the Tracking Pixel.

Identity Resolution

While form submissions, event registrations and application starts can easily be linked to a student record, page views and link clicks can be anonymous. Element451 runs several processes to associate these activities with student records. Once, when the event initially happens, and then several more as the activities are loaded into the dashboard.

Anonymous page views and link clicks are retained and available in the dashboard. However, some visualizations that require identity will not populate date is identified visitors are filtered with the global controls.

Referrers and Referrer Segments

A "referring" URL is the website the visitor was previously on before starting their session on your website. Referrer data is visualized in the Acquisition section. Referrer Segments are groupings of these referrer URLs, based on attributes of the URL.

"Direct" traffic has no referrer.

The list of referrer segments is far from comprehensive. Please notify customer support if you would like a segment to be added.

Dimension Definitions

A list of the Dimensions unique to the Web Activities dashboard.




The web browser used by the student to browse your website. Common examples include "chrome", "safair", "firefox".

Entrance URL

The URL of the web page the Session began on.

Full URL + UTM

The URL of a web page, with any query parameters appended to the end. Query parameters are data items appended to the end of a URL with the "?". UTMs are common query parameters.

Full URL

The URL of a web page.


The hostname of a web page. The hostname is the domain, top level domain and subdomain at which the web page is located.


This is a feature flag column, indicating if the website user can be identified to a student record.

Operating System

The operating system of the device the student used to browse your website.

Page Path

The folder directory and page file "path" that the web page is found at.

Page Title

The metadata title of the web page.

Referrer Segment

Groupings that label frequent referrers. Learn more.


The full URL of the website that the user visited prior to visiting your website.

Metric Definitions

A list of the metrics present in the report and how they are calculated.



Anonymous Session

A Session completed by a user that was not linked to an Element451 student record. See "Session"

Link Clicks Per Page

The number of clicks on a page per pageview.

Pages per Session

The number of pages viewed during one session.


Counted when a user loads a website page.


A collection of activities that occur within 30 minutes of each other. The session expires after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Session Duration

The time between the start of the session and the end of the session in minutes.

Session Duration After Conversion

The time between the conversion and the end of the session in minutes.

Sessions per User

The number of sessions a user has logged during the period.

Time to Conversion

The time between the start of the session and the conversion in minutes.

Time to Last Link Click

The time between the pageview and the last link click on the page in minutes.

Time on Page

The time between the pageview and the next pageview, capped at 30 minutes.

Troubleshooting & FAQ


Why is there no data?

There are a variety of reasons why Insights visualizations might be blank. Try the following quick fixes:

  • Reset the report. Visualizations or controls may be filtering the report.

  • Check the date controls. If the date is too far in the past, it may pre-date your activity in Element451. If the date is in the future, no activity has happened.

My conversion counts don't match other data.

Form submissions, event registrations and application starts are only counted in the Web Activities dashboard if they are attributable to a session. They are not necessarily a total count of all conversion activities.

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