Now that you know What is Tracked in Element451 & Why Add the Tracking Pixel, it is time to add the tracking pixel code to your Google Tag Manager Account (GTM).

  1. Work with a member of the Element451 Customer Success team to obtain the tracking pixel. The tracking pixel is a string of code that we generate for every institution. It is key that we have the domains you wish to track included in the pixel.

  2. Once the Element team provides the snippet of code, log into your GTM account and choose New Tag. It will ask you to select a Tag Type; select Custom HTML, and trigger it on the pages you would like to be tracked with this pixel, or you can track all pages.

That is all on the GTM side. However, we highly encourage you to add your institution's Google Tag Manager ID onto Element's landing pages, forms, sites, and Event portal. For more information, please see What is Tracked in Element451 & Why Add the Tracking Pixel.

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