During your daily use of Element451 to manage and engage with your students, many activities get tracked automatically and are captured in the student's profile, campaign analytics, Events, Insights, among others. These include pageView and linkClick of the pages created in Element451.

The default trackings allow you to segment based on the activities tracked in Element451. For example, if you wish to send a deadline reminder email to students who have started an application, but have not completed it, you can simply segment the milestone: application start date. For more information on milestones, please see Milestones: An overview.

To make the most of the tracking functionality that Element451 offers, we recommend that you add an Element451 tracking pixel into your institution's Google Tag Manager (GTM) or on your site pages. A tracking pixel is a piece of code that you would insert into GTM.

This allows Element to track both the web pages associated with your institution's domain and the pages created in Element451. In addition, it tracks pageView and linkClick events on any website domain included in the pixel. Finally, the data is sent to the Element451 analytics engine, and it is processed, making them available for segmenting in Element451.

In addition to adding the pixel onto the GTM account, we highly recommend that you put your institution's GTM ID into:

  • Landing Pages (/page451)

  • Forms (/forms)

  • Application Sites (/applications/sites)

  • Microsites (/microsites)

  • Event portal (/events) -- Element team has to add the GTM ID for the Events site.

For more assistance, please reach out to the Customer Sucess Team.

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