Element451 helps you track student engagement with your office and stores the data in Activity Feed. This chronological story gathers information on the following:

  1. Creation of the user record

  2. Communications sent

  3. Communications received

  4. Communications opened/clicked (with details of date and time)

  5. When they logged into their account

  6. Links clicked

  7. Registration for Events

  8. Cancellation of Events

  9. Attendance of Events

  10. Pageviews

  11. Tasks/changes completed by staff members

Below is an example of the activity feed:

To filter the activity feed, for example, to only show email engagement, use the left-hand menu to filter to Email. It will only show Email engagement activity.

Furthermore, within these activities, administrators can view the details of each activity. For example, if the student opened an email several times, then the activity feed will show each email open as a separate activity; it will tell you the following details:

  1. Target URL

  2. Page URL

  3. URL host

  4. URL path

  5. Geographical location: country, region, city, zip

  6. Platform: OS, Browser, Devise, Mobile, IP address

Use the activity feed in your everyday communications with students to build workflows and see the whole picture of the student journey through the admissions funnel.

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