The narrative of the activity feed is now enhanced by the addition of tracked changes made by staff members within an office. As a result, if needed, Element451 Captains and Leadership members can quickly investigate the changes in a student's record.

Namely, the activity feed includes the following changes performed by an internal user:

  • Tasks: assigned, created, and deleted.

  • Users: merged, deleted, updated name, updated address, updated milestone, updated profile, and updated email address.

  • Decisions:

    • Checklist item: added, removed, updated;

    • Criteria: deleted, updated;

    • Update of assignment;

    • Checklist item: added, removed, updated;

    • Note: added, deleted, updated;

    • Decision: released;

    • Stage: updated;

    • Status: updated.

  • Event: marked as attended.

  • Conversation: added participant, update of assignment, closed, updated favorite, joined, leave, open, and updated tag.

  • External activity completed.

When an internal user makes one of the above-mentioned changes, it will show on the student's activity feed as follows:

This internal user activity tracking allows for greater transparency in changes made by internal users, allowing for easier management of tasks and workflows in an office.

For a list of tracked student activity changes, please see Activity Feed: the Student's Journey.

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