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Activity Feed: Adding Custom Activities
Activity Feed: Adding Custom Activities

Learn how to track relevant custom activities on the student's profile using manual and automatic processes.

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The activity feed allows you to keep track of a student's entire recruitment journey. Learn the basics of the Activity Feed here.

The system automatically logs many actions, but there may be situations where you might want to monitor additional activities. This guide explains why and how to add these activities to a student's profile.

Activities are sorted into default categories, but you have the flexibility to use these categories or craft your own. Discover how to create custom activity types here.

Why Add Activities?

Logging Offline Interactions/Activities

Many relevant activities to a student's recruitment journey happen offline. Perhaps they attended an event not captured in the system, or their assignee might have called them.

Staff-initiated actions like calls are typically tracked as Tasks, so staff will have a future reminder. When marked complete, the Task is added to the student's activity feed automatically. For instances where you don't need the future reminder, you can add the completed call directly to the activity feed. Follow the steps below to log the offline activity manually.

Logging Activities in Other Systems

Activities logged in different systems can be crucial for a student's record. Integrating these activities into Element451 is beneficial for segmenting and comprehensively viewing the student's recruitment journey. Below are steps to explore how to merge activities from other systems into Element451.

Adding Activities

Manually Adding Activities

Activities can be manually added to the student's record via the Activity card.

πŸ“™ Note: You must have an activity card displayed on your profile template.

  1. Navigate to Contacts > People or use the search bar in the top right corner to search the student's name.

  2. Click on their name to open the profile.

  3. Look for the Activity card on the user profile. You can also search for it using the search bar.

  4. Click the plus sign in the top right corner of the Activity Card to add activity.

  5. Then, complete the Custom Activity fields:

    • Name (required)

    • Type (required)

    • Completed At

    • Time

    • Note

  6. When you're finished, click the Save button in the top right corner.

  7. Once saved, your custom activity will appear in the activity feed alongside other activities already recorded by Element451. You can filter to just custom user activities by selecting the "Custom" option on the Activity Feed navigation.

πŸ“™ Note: Custom activities may take a few minutes to display on the Activity Feed.

Adding Activities Automatically via Workflows

Activities can be automatically added to a student's record via Workflows or Rules.

πŸ“™ Note: Before starting this process, we recommend having a good understanding of creating Workflows and Rules. You can learn more about these in the Workflows + Rules Collection of the Help Center.

To create a Custom Activity as part of a Workflow:

  1. Add a new Action to a Workflow step

  2. Select Add Custom Activity as the Action Type.

  3. Then, complete the Custom Activity fields:

    • Date Completed (Enter a date in the past. If no date is entered, the activity will be logged at the date and time the workflow step runs)

    • Name

    • Note

    • Type (required)

  4. When you're finished, click the Save button in the top right corner.

πŸ’‘Tip: Creating Custom Activities using Workflows is a great way to ensure Names and Notes are populated consistently.

Adding Automatically Activities via Zapier

Zapier is a no-code tool that allows users to automate workflows between different web applications, like Element451. You'll need to be familiar with how Zapier works in order to build this automation. Learn more about Zapier.

To set up your Zap to add Custom Activity to a User:

  1. In Zapier, add a new action/step

  2. Search for Element451

  3. Select Add Activity to User as the Event

  4. Then, complete the Custom Activity fields:

    • Activity Type (required)

    • User Email Address (required)

    • Name (required)

    • Note

    • Completed At (required)

Adding Activities Automatically via the API

Element451 features an open API as part of our core product. The API allows you to manipulate data in Element451 via code instead of through the Element451 interface. Accessing the API will likely require the assistance of an IT team member or software developer. Learn more about Element451's API on our documentation site or via our Integrations guide.

To add a Custom Activity to a Record, use the "Create User External Activity" POST request. Include the item object in the body.

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