What is Engagement Score

An engagement score is a number that quantifies how engaged students are with the stages of the recruitment cycle. Each customer has their own score, based on their activity and usage of Element451. A high score indicates that the student is actively engaged. Lower scores are indicators of lack of engagement and potential at-risk students.

Calculation of Engagement Score

Element451 uses a combination of numeric scores and labels to compute an engagement trait for each student:

DORMANT: where the engagement score is 0
LURKER: where the engagement score is less than 50%
FAN: where the engagement score is greater than 50%

To calculate engagement scores we use the following activities and usage of Element451:

Number of emails click
Number of SMS click
Number of forms saved
Number of logins (Applications and Microsites)
Number of pageviews

Using Engagement Scores

When creating student segments you can use engagement scores to see how each segment is performing compared to other segments. More importantly, this may allow you to identify at-risk students within segments.

An importat use case is the "dormant effect". This effect is useful when indentifying students who are not reacting to your content or following your school brand as priority. If you create a student segment with milestones = applicant OR admit and engagement score = DORMANT then this may help indentify student who are at-risk of melting.

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