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Introducing Form Submitted Events
Introducing Form Submitted Events

Track a student's form submissions using segments and the activity tab of the student profile.

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Element451 now enables you to see a detailed view of a student's form submissions.

In this article, we will review how to create segments based on a student's form submissions and how to view the student's form-related activity in their student profile.

For more on Element451 Forms and Pages, see here.


There's a new Activity Type filter available in Segments called "Submitted Form."

Once you select the "Submitted Form" filter, you will have the option to add an Action Property. Available Action Properties include the Form (select from your list of Forms), Form Part (Main Form or Follow-Up Form), UTM Variables, and more!

Next, you can select for the number of times a student has submitted the form.

Finally, select a date range for the form submissions (either a relative or exact date range). These steps might look familiar--the Form Submitted filter works similarly to other Activity Type filters in Segments.

Click "Submit" and then Apply the filter to see which students meet the conditions.

Student Profile Activity Tab

You can now find a student's form submission activity along with their other activity in Element451:

  • On the Overview tab under Latest Activity:

  • On the Activity Feed under the Activity Tab:

  • Under the new "Form" category of activity under the Activity Tab:

You can also view more details on the student's form submission by clicking on the eye icon to the right of the form submission event.


  • For any forms submitted since August 15, 2020, Element451 has tracked UTM variables from the URL (UTM Campaign, UTM Content, UTM Medium, UTM Source, and UTM Term)

  • For any forms submitted before August 15, 2020, Element451 has brought in the form submitted event details but not the UTM variables

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