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Understanding Form Submissions
Understanding Form Submissions

Learn how to navigate and leverage form submission data in Element451 to enhance contact profiles and engagement strategies.

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Forms play a crucial role in capturing vital information about students and other users, helping you to manage contacts more effectively and personalize your engagement strategies. This guide will walk you through what happens after a form is submitted, how this data enriches contact profiles, and how you can leverage these insights across the platform.

What Happens After a Submission?

When a form is filled out and submitted, a couple of key processes occur:

  • Profile Creation or Update: If the submitted form includes a known email address, the contact’s profile in your database is either created (for new contacts) or updated with the information provided. For instance, if a student already in your system selects "Accounting" as their intended major on a Request for Information (RFI) form, this detail is added to their profile, ensuring their information is current and accurate.

  • Prospect Milestone: Utilizing a prospect form adds a prospect milestone to the student's record. This is particularly useful for tracking the student's journey and engagement levels from prospect to enrolled student.

Accessing Submission Details

Form Submissions Card (Form Snapshots)

You can use the Form Submissions card on a contact's profile to quickly glance at what a user submitted. This feature provides immediate access to the submitted data but requires that the card be enabled on your profile template.

The Form Submissions card must be enabled for your profile template. For more information on profile templates, visit this article.

Contact’s Activity Feed

For more detailed insights on a submission, including UTM parameters and the form’s access variables, check the contact’s Activity Feed. This section offers a comprehensive view of the form submission details, giving you a deeper understanding of how the contact interacts with your forms.

The Activity Feed card must be enabled for your profile template. For more information on profile templates, visit this article.

Leveraging Form Submissions Across Element451

Form submission data isn't just for viewing; it's a powerful tool that can be used across various modules in Element451:


Use the Submitted Form filter to segment users based on their form submissions. You can refine your segments with specific form properties, such as form name and UTM details, to tailor your outreach and engagement strategies.

Workflows/Rules and Journeys

Automatically enroll people who submit specific forms into designated workflows, rules, or journeys. This allows for seamless automation of follow-up actions, ensuring timely and relevant engagement with your contacts.

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