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Form + Payment Enhancements | April 2024
Form + Payment Enhancements | April 2024

Release notes for enhancements to the Forms module and payments in Element451

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Release Notes

Issued: 04/04/2024

Released: 04/04/2024


The latest update to Element451 brings significant enhancements to Form and Payment functionalities, introducing Integrated Form Payments and debuting the Simple Form Type. These updates allow for direct acceptance of payments through Forms using existing payment processors, ensuring transactions are secure and compliant. Additionally, the Simple Form Type simplifies data collection across various departments by eliminating the need for a prospect milestone for each submission.

Payment enhancements include the introduction of new payment types—fixed, conditional, calculated, and user-defined—along with discount codes and a streamlined process for payment rules. These enhancements provide greater flexibility, customization, and control over payment processes for Application Fees, Deposits, Events, and Forms.

Combine Simple Forms and Form Payments to open up new use cases across the student life cycle, like collecting donations for student philanthropy, collecting club dues, and alumni engagement.

Release Details

Integrated Form Payments

  • Accept payments directly through Forms, leveraging your existing integrated payment processor.

  • Ensures all transactions are secure and compliant with industry standards, providing peace of mind for your organization and Form users.

  • Enables collection of payments not tied to events or applications, introducing flexibility in payment collection scenarios.

Prospect + Simple Form Types

  • Introduces the option to create a Simple form, eliminating the creation of a prospect milestone for every submission.

  • Prospect forms continue to serve as request-for-information forms, automatically creating a prospect milestone.

  • By offering these two distinct form types, we've extended the utility of Forms beyond its original scope. Now, departments like alumni relations and student success can leverage the power of Forms for their data collection needs, while admissions can continue using prospect-tracking capabilities.

Payment Types

  • We now offer four payment types to fit your needs and use cases:

    • Fixed: Users pay a static amount.

    • Conditional: Enables dynamic pricing based on predefined conditions such as segments and dates within payment rules.

    • Calculated: Determines payment amount based on user information or form fields.

    • User-defined: Allows users to enter a custom amount within a specified range, ideal for donations.

Discount Codes

  • Discounts can now be applied directly to all payments in Element451—Applications (replaces the Waiver Code feature), Deposits, Events, and Forms.

  • Introduces a new global setting for discount code management in General Settings simplifies the creation and management of your discount codes. These settings provide granular control over discount code applicability, including expiration dates and usage restrictions.

Payment Rules

  • Introduces a new global setting for payment rule management in General Settings, simplifying the creation and application of dynamic pricing through the Conditional Payment Type.

Payment Dialog Customization

  • A new customization option, the payment dialog title setting, is now available when configuring a new deposit or application fee. This allows you to customize the help text that appears on the modal/dialog box and also supports adding links.

Payments Insights Dashboard

  • The all-new Payments Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your payment trends, including year-over-year comparisons, weekly changes, and detailed demographic analyses. Tailor your data with filters for payment type, application, date ranges, and demographics to effortlessly make data-driven decisions.


This update enhances how forms are created, and payments are collected, making it easier for you to manage transactions and engage users. With flexible payment options, customizable pricing, and the ability to offer discounts through discount codes, users enjoy a more tailored and efficient experience, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement.

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