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Authenticated Forms | June 2024

Authenticated Forms require users to verify their identity via email, school email, school ID, or primary email before accessing forms.

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Authenticated Forms

We are excited to introduce Authenticated Forms, featuring a new authentication setting designed to enhance the security and efficiency of your forms by requiring contacts to verify their identity before accessing them.

In order to submit an Authenticated Form, the contact MUST have an existing person record in Element451.

Authenticated forms are ideal for gathering information from prospects further along in the admissions funnel, current students, alumni, or anyone else with an existing record in Element451. These forms use a unique identifier to match the individual's record before collecting form data. As a result, Authenticated Forms prevent the creation of duplicate records.



  • Enable Verification: In the form's settings, you can enable the verification feature to require identity verification before accessing the form.

  • Select Identity Type: Choose how you want contacts to identify themselves. The available options are:

    • Email ID

    • School Email

    • School ID

    • Primary User Email

Contact Experience

  • Enter Identity Information: When contacts access the form, they will be prompted to enter a value for the selected identity type in a modal.

  • Receive and Enter Code: After entering their identity information, contacts will receive an email with a verification code, which they must enter on the form to gain access and complete it.


The Authenticated Forms feature ensures that only known contacts can complete and submit forms, enhancing security. Additionally, it streamlines the form completion process by pre-filling known information and allowing you to omit unnecessary fields. This makes the experience quicker and more user-friendly for your contacts.

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