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What is the Conversations Dashboard?

The Conversations dashboard analyzes the performance of all Conversations metrics. Explore performance metrics by date, segment, and various student dimensions.

Accessing the Dashboard

The Conversations dashboard can be found via the Insights sub-menu. The Insights module can be accessed from the Data + Automations dropdown in the top navigation.

Dashboard Features

The Conversations dashboard displays period-over-period comparisons, monthly changes in conversation performance rates, and a wide variety of performance measurements.

Global Controls

The Conversations dashboard can be filtered and controlled in several ways. Find the global controls at the top of each tab. These global controls affect each tab. Filters applied on one tab will carry over to the others.

Global controls feature filters for segment, channel, major, funnel stage, identification status, student type, territory, and message origin. Select one or many from most control categories and one segment at a time.

Segment Filters

The Campaigns report can only be filtered by certain dimensions by default. The segment filter is a great way to filter the report by dimensions that matter to you. Create a segment in the People module, and set it as a calculated segment.

Please allow 24 hours for new calculated segments to appear and filter correctly in Insights.

More on using segments and Insights together.


Data on the Conversations dashboard is organized by date as well as various dimensions selected in the controls menu.

Overview Tab


  • Highlights

    • Period-over-period performance of conversations.

    • Filtered totals and changes metric rates for conversations opened conversations closed, messages sent, messages received, and the average number of messages per conversation.

  • Performance over time

    • Weekly average response time by institutional staff to incoming messages.

    • Hourly breakdown of when conversations were initially opened.

  • Channels

    • Overall distribution of conversations based on channel.

    • Breakdown of messages by character length according to channel.

  • Inbound/Outbound and Type

    • The breakdown of messages based on whether they were initiated internally (outbound) or externally (inbound).

    • Conversations broken down by student type.

Dimensions Table Tab

Unique Controls

  • Dimension selection: choose whether you want to view metrics by territory, funnel stage, citizenship status, state, gender, major, or student type.


  • Table

    • Breakdown of all available conversation metrics based on selected dimension.

Metric Glossary




Total conversations that have been opened.

Conversations closed

Conversations that have been officially closed within the conversations module.

Messages sent

The number of messages in all conversations from an internal user.

Messages received

The number of messages in all conversations from an external user.

Average messages per conversation

Average number of all messages (internal and external) sent in conversations.

Average response time

The time from an initial outbound messages to be responded to by an internal user, in hours.

Average duration

The number of takes it takes for a conversation to go from opened to closed.

Troubleshooting & FAQ


Why is there no data?

There are a variety of reasons an Insights report is blank. Try the following quick fixes:

  1. Reset the report. Visualizations may be filtering the report. Check the date controls. If the date is too far in the past, it may pre-date your activity in Element451.

  2. Check what fields are being used.

  3. If data is still missing, there may be issues with your data in Element. Check out this guide for data cleanup.

How often does the Conversations dashboard update?

The Conversations dashboard currently refreshes once a day at 12:00 am Eastern.

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