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Using Segments in Insights
Using Segments in Insights

Leverage your existing calculated Segments in Insights for streamlined data analysis and enhanced dashboard customization.

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Each Insights dashboard features "dimensions" about the students counted in each visualization. Territory, major, address, and gender, to name a few. However, not every dimension is available by default.

Insights offers you the convenience of using the same calculated Segments you've already created in Element, right within Insights. This feature, accessible through the Segment control filter or Segment tab in your Insights dashboard, empowers you to work more efficiently.

How to Create a Segment for Insights

Insights allow you to use calculated Segments in your Insights dashboards. To create a new calculated Segment for Insights:

  1. Follow the process outlined here to create a new segment.

  2. Once the segment has been created, follow the process outlined here to convert it to a calculated segment.

In some cases, Insights may need 24hrs to refresh before the new Segment is visible and filtering data correctly.


Why aren't all student dimensions available by default?

Students can have over one hundred dimensions associated with their record, not counting custom fields unique to each partner school using Element451. Providing all of those dimensions in one data model is not something we can currently do at scale. Segments already solve this problem throughout other Element modules, making their inclusion in Insights a natural fit.

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