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Learn how to use the Campaigns Dashboard in Insights to analyze and refine your Campaign metrics effectively.

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The Campaigns dashboard analyzes the performance of both email and SMS campaigns. Explore performance metrics by campaign name, segment name, and tags.

Accessing the Dashboard

The Campaigns dashboard can be found via the Insights sub-menu. The Insights module can be accessed from the Data + Automations dropdown in the top navigation.

Dashboard Features

The Campaigns dashboard displays year-over-year comparisons, monthly changes in campaign performance rates, and a wide variety of performance measurements.

Data can be viewed by overall performance, in specific time frames, and/or within a subset of campaigns.

Global Controls

  • Campaign Name: Filter your data for one or more campaigns.

  • To and From Date: Sets the date range filter for the dashboard.

  • Previous Period To and From Date: Sets the date range filter for the Previous Period data for comparison.

  • Time Aggregation: For all "rate" charges, choose whether you want to see the data by day, week, or month.

  • Segments: See your email/sms performance by calculated segment.

  • Demographics: Filter your data by state, major, or student type.

  • Tags: Filter campaigns by the tags you have added to them in the campaigns module.

  • Workflows: Choose a workflow to see how all included campaigns are performing.

  • Test Record Toggle: Choose to filter out all records with the "Test Record" label from the data you are viewing in the dashboard.

  • IP Address Exclusion: Type in an IP Address to exclude data from users at a single IP Address.

Segment Filters

The Campaigns report can only be filtered by certain dimensions by default. The segment filter is a great way to filter the report by dimensions that matter to you. Create a segment in the People module, and set it as a calculated segment.

Please allow 24 hours for new calculated segments to appear and filter correctly in Insights.


Data on the Campaigns dashboard is organized by date as well as the name of the campaign, segment, or tag.



  • Performance of metric rates by day, week, or month

  • Performance of all campaign metrics broken down by one-time and ongoing campaigns

    • Note: These tables are grouped by campaign name, Element ID, and day. A student who clicks a link or opens the email several times in the same day will only be counted once.

  • Email interactions by device

  • Email metrics by time and day of the week

  • Email bounces by bounce category

  • Email link clicks by link

  • Period-over-period performance of emails



  • Performance of metric rates by day, week, or month

  • Performance by campaign and metric category

  • SMS interactions by device

  • SMS metrics by time and day of the week

  • SMS bounces by bounce category

  • SMS link clicks by link

  • Period-over-period performance of SMS communications

Metric Glossary

All metrics are calculated based on "sent date." All metrics other than sent reflect the date the communication was originally sent, not the date of the metric (open, delivery, click, etc.). For further explanation and updates on Campaigns analytics, read this help article.




A communication is sent to an individual, but not necessarily delivered.


The communication is delivered to the email or SMS inbox of the intended individual.


The communication is opened by the user.


The communication is clicked to view the content within the communication.

Click Rate

The number of clicks divided by the number of deliveries.


A link within the communication is clicked to a desired URL.

Click-through Rate

The number of clicks divided by the number of opens.


A communication is sent, but not delivered.


A communication is opened and the user chose to unsubscribe for future communications.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

  • Why is there no data?

    There are a variety of reasons an Insights report is blank. Try the following quick fixes:

    • Reset the report. Visualizations may be filtering the report. Check the date controls. If the date is too far in the past, it may pre-date your activity in Element451.

    • Check what fields are being used.

    • If data is still missing, there may be issues with your data in Element. Check out this guide for data cleanup.

  • How often does the Campaigns dashboard update?

    The Campaigns dashboard currently refreshes once a day at 12:00 am Eastern.

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