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Campaign Analytics

Learn how to find the analytics data for your communications in the Campaigns module.

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Campaign Analytics provide statistics about the performance of your communications (for example, open and click rates). They also tell you things like what type of device recipients viewed emails on, how many messages bounced, and if people unsubscribed. Reviewing analytics is a great way to learn from your communications and better understand your audiences.

Accessing Campaign Analytics

Navigate to Engagement > Campaigns > Analytics. The Campaign Analytics Overview Page will open.

Analytics Overview Page

The Analytics Overview page provides a comprehensive view of your communication campaigns' performance. It consists of two main sections: the header and the table.


The header displays overall analytics for the campaigns shown in the current table view.

The following metrics are provided in the header:

  • Email: Sent, Opens, Open Rate, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Bounce Rate, Unsubscribe Rate

  • SMS: Sent, Clicks, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Delivered

Filtering the Header Data

You can filter the data in the header in two ways:

  1. Date Filter: All Time, Today, Yesterday, 7 Days

  2. Category Filter: Communication (name), Folders, Tags

When you apply a filter on the left-hand side, the header data will update accordingly.

By default, the filters are set to Communications (Category) and All-Time (Date).


Below the header, you'll find a table listing your sent campaigns. Campaigns that are drafted or not yet sent will not be included, as there is no data to report.

The table has two tabs: Email and SMS, located in the top right corner. Click the respective tab to view analytics for email or SMS campaigns.

  • For each email campaign in the list, you can see the following metrics:

    • Sent

    • Opens

    • Open Rate

    • Clicks

    • Click-Through Rate (CTR)

    • Bounce Rate

    • Unsubscribe Rate

  • For each SMS campaign in the list, you can see the following metrics:

    • Sent

    • Click-Through Rate (CTR)

    • Clicks

    • Delivered

To view additional analytics for a particular communication, click on its title.

Communication Details

When you click on the name of a Campaign from the table, the Campaign will open. This is the same page you visit when editing the Campaign.

Here, you will see the following details:


Basic Campaign Info:

  1. Communication Title: The title of the selected communication.

  2. Last Edited: The date and time when the communication was last edited and by whom.

  3. Actions: Depending on the communication type (One-Time or Ongoing), you'll have the option to Duplicate or Edit the communication.

Header Data:

Below the basic Campaign info, you'll find a row of data related to the selected communication:

  • Sent: The number of email addresses or phone numbers to which the communication was sent.

  • Opens: The number of unique opens for the communication, along with the rate of unique opens.

  • Clicks: The number of unique clicks for the communication, along with the rate of unique clicks.

  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of sent messages that bounced.

  • Unsubscribe Rate: The percentage of sent messages that prompted an unsubscribe response.

Settings Card

Under the header on the left side, you'll find a card titled "Settings," which displays information about the communication's setup, including:

  • When the communication was set up to be sent

  • To which channel(s) the communication was sent (email, SMS)

  • The audience (the segment and the number of people in the segment at the time of sending)

  • To which email address the communication was sent (primary, school, secondary)

  • The sender's email address

  • The reply email address

  • CC

  • BCC

  • Subject Line

Communication Preview

To the right of the Settings card, you'll see a preview of the communication that was sent. If the communication was multi-channel, you can use the tabs to preview both versions.

When are Analytics Calculated

When analytics are calculated depends on the time filter used.

  • Today and Yesterday filters are calculated in near real-time. Giving you up-to-date information shortly after the send is completed

  • The All-Time and Last 7-Day filters are designed for higher-level analysis and are refreshed daily at approximately 9 a.m. ET.

Exporting Campaign Data

You can export your table data (a list of sent campaigns and their respective data values) to a CSV file. To do this, click the blue Export button on the Analytics Overview page. The export and download will execute immediately.

Limitations of Analytics

Capturing analytic data is a constantly evolving process. Email carriers constantly change their practices and technologies to filter spam, prevent phishing, and provide a good experience for email users. As such, Campaign Analytics may fluctuate drastically.

Opens and clicks are particularly difficult to interpret, as email carriers will scan emails for spam. This scanning process can create a "false open" or "machine open". Carriers may even go as far as to click every link in the email as part of their scan, which can create false clicks. It is impossible to anticipate the various tactics that each of the carriers might employ.

Understanding these limitations is important when interpreting your Campaign analytics. We also encourage the use of best practices when crafting email subjects and body copy.

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