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Getting Started with Campaigns
Getting Started with Campaigns

Build + send targeted emails and SMS, utilize dynamic content, and analyze engagement for optimal communication strategies.

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The Campaigns module in Element451 is your comprehensive tool for crafting successful multi-channel communication strategies. Whether you’re engaging prospective students or nurturing admitted students, this module allows you to communicate effectively through both email and SMS.

What You Can Achieve

  • Build + Send Messages: Craft messages individually or as part of a larger, themed campaign tailored to your audience’s specific interests and needs.

  • Flexible Communication Options: Choose between one-time sends for immediate communication needs or ongoing campaigns driven by dynamic workflows for sustained engagement.

  • Multi-Channel Delivery: Reach your audience through their preferred channels, whether it be email or SMS, to ensure maximum impact.

Key Features

  • Segmentation: Target your communications based on criteria like academic interests, geographic location, and engagement levels. Explore more on segments here.

  • Personalization with Tokens: Use tokens to add a personal touch to your messages by incorporating details like the recipient’s name, major, and other personal information, enhancing the relevance of your communications. Explore more on tokens here.

  • Versions with Dynamic Content: Tailor messages for different audiences by creating multiple versions of your communications using dynamic content. This allows for highly customized messaging without the need to rebuild each message from scratch. Explore more on dynamic content here.

  • Automation: Flexibly manage your communications by scheduling one-time messages to be sent at a specific time or automate the timing of ongoing campaigns using workflows. This feature ensures that your messages reach your audience exactly when they are most likely to engage, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Templates: Utilize a variety of default or customizable templates to quickly create professionally designed emails and SMS messages. Adjust layout elements like colors, fonts, and buttons to align with your brand and campaign objectives. Explore more on Templates here.

  • A/B Testing: Test different versions of your communications to determine the most effective format and content, then automatically deploy the winning version. Explore more on A/B testing here.

  • Analytics: Evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns with metrics such as open rates and click rates, and use these insights to refine future strategies. Explore more on analytics here.

  • AI-Driven Campaigns: Leverage Copilot, our AI tool, to automatically generate comprehensive drip campaigns, complete with emails, SMS messages, and workflows. Explore more on Copilot for Campaigns here.

  • Testing and Preview: Ensure your communication looks perfect on any device by previewing on desktop, tablet, or mobile views, and send test messages to verify everything is in order. Explore more on testing and previewing here.

Accessing Campaigns

Navigate to Engagement > Campaigns.

Communication Types


You can send these messages either right away or schedule them for a future date and time that suits your strategy.

A segment defines the audience for one-time communications, allowing you to target precisely who receives your message based on specific criteria.

These are perfect for immediate needs or specific, time-sensitive announcements.


Ideal for nurturing leads or maintaining engagement over time, ongoing communications are sent according to a schedule or trigger defined within a workflow or rule.

To set this up, you build your campaign and then integrate it as an action — "send communication" — within a workflow or rule.

The workflow not only determines the timing of each send but also specifies the audience, making it a powerful tool for automated, targeted communication strategies.

Communication Channels


Use our email builder to compose messages with text, emojis, tokens, images, videos, and buttons. At this time, attachments are not supported.


Compose messages with text, emojis, tokens, and media attachments.

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