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Copilot for Campaigns
Copilot for Campaigns

Generate full drip campaigns or perfect subject lines with Copilot.

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Campaign Copilot is a revolutionary way to create multi-channel, multi-communication campaigns in Element451. Copilot will talk through the needs of your campaign and then share outlines, write content, create communications, and build workflows to power your campaign.

Before Trying Copilot for Campaigns

One of the most important aspects of successful campaigns is personalization. That's why Copilot utilizes your information from Element451, including Content Tokens like colors and logos and the Knowledge Base, to tailor your campaigns.

It's crucial to keep these elements updated to ensure optimal results. By staying on top of these details, Copilot can create campaigns that truly resonate with your audience and achieve your desired outcomes.

  1. Review your Content Tokens to ensure they are up-to-date.

    • To access Content Tokens: Data + Automations > Packs > Content Tokens

    • For more information on Content Tokens, click here.

  2. Add sources to the Knowledge Base and review existing sources for accuracy and relevance.

    • To access the Knowledge Base: Data + Automations > Knowledge

    • For more information on building your Knowledge Base, click here.

Video Walkthrough

Accessing Copilot for Campaigns

To use Copilot for Campaigns, you must have the Administer Campaigns or Administer Communications permission.

You can access Copilot for Campaigns in two ways:

  1. Campaigns Module

    • Navigate to Engagement > Campaigns.

    • Select either One-Time Communications or Ongoing Communications.

    • Click the orange "New Campaign with Copilot" button.

    • Copilot will open. Now you can ask it to generate your Campaign.

  2. Copilot Conversational Interface

Generating Campaigns Using Copilot

Once you have accessed Copilot using the process above, you can ask Copilot to generate your Campaign. Here's how:

  1. Tell Copilot about the Campaign you want created.

    • Copilot is conversational and designed to ask follow-up questions if it requires additional information. For instance, if you send the prompt "I need a campaign to increase enrollment for the fall semester," Copilot will respond with follow-up questions. For an example of this, see the screenshot below:

  2. Once Copilot has all the information it needs, it will draft an outline of your campaign for you to review.

  3. From the outline, click on each communication or the angle bracket to expand the details.

  4. If you want to make changes, reply with your change requests. If you approve, tell Copilot or click "I like it. Continue."

  5. Once you approve the outline, Copilot will build your campaign.

  6. Once the build is complete, Copilot will list the Communication and Workflow:

    • Communication

      • Each piece of communication in the Campaign will be listed separately.

      • Clicking on the title (e.g., Email 1 - Application Reminder) will open the communication editor to review and make any necessary changes to that specific communication.

        ❗Important: While Copilot is a powerful tool that will revolutionize the way you communicate and engage, it can't do everything yet. It is essential that you review each communication. Two things we highly recommend checking are links and call-to-actions/buttons.

  • Workflow

    • Listed last is the Workflow for the campaign.

    • Clicking the title (e.g., Increase Fall Enrollment) will open the Workflow. You will notice Copilot has orchestrated the communication flow with appropriate delays.

      ❗Important: Audience, triggers, and conditions (if needed) must be added manually.

Accessing Previous Copilot Generated Campaigns

To go back to your Campaigns generated by Copilot, take these steps:

  1. Navigate to Engagement > Campaigns > One-Time Communication.

  2. Click on the New Campaign with Copilot button (you aren't creating a new Campaign, but you'll need to click this to get to your history).

  3. Click See All Conversations.

Using Copilot to Edit Campaigns

Suppose you don't want Copilot to build an entire campaign. In that case, you can still use it to help with other tasks.

Copilot-Generated Subject Lines & Preview Text

Use Copilot to generate recommendations for a subject line and preview text using your preferred tone of voice: professional, friendly, exciting, or urgent.

💡 Pro Tip: Use Copilot to generate the subject line and preview text after composing the email. It will use the email content for its recommendations.

  1. To begin, navigate to Engagement > Campaigns (one-time or ongoing).

  2. Locate and click on the campaign for which you would like Copilot to generate a subject line or preview text.

  3. Click edit to open the Campaign's editor side sheet.

  4. You will see the Copilot buttons next to the Subject Line and Preview Text fields. See screenshots below.

  5. Copilot will generate a few options from which you can choose and you also have the ability to adjust the tone of voice.

Copilot-Generated Campaign Edits

Copilot is a built-in writing assistant available to help you review and edit the text within your campaign. Copilot can:

  • Improve Writing

  • Fix Spelling & Grammar

  • Make Shorter

  • Expand

  • Change Tone

  • Translate

To use Copilot to edit your Campaign content:

  1. Highlight the text you wish to edit.

  2. Select the Copilot icon (orange lighting bolt and three stars).

  3. Select the icon corresponding to the action you would like Copilot to perform.

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