Guide to Packs Tokens

Learn how to set up your Packs tokens in this guide.

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Our Packs library is full of ready-to-use campaigns, templates, and automations available for your institution. These tools can be used to support the important work of marketing your school to prospective students, generating applications, and increasing your admitted yield. Additionally, the Packs library has several email templates and other engagement tools that can scale your work on Element.

When a Pack is installed, assets like emails and landing pages are automatically generated using information about your institution and your brand—such as logos, fonts, colors, and photos. This ensures that the installed components are authentic and unique to your school.

To use the Packs library, you must first set up your Packs Tokens (usually done during implementation). This guide will explain how to do this and share some best practices.

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Accessing Packs Tokens

Navigate to Data + Automations > Packs > Packs Content Tokens.

What are Packs Tokens?

Your Packs tokens are fields of data and assets that can be included in a Pack when it is installed from the library. Packs Tokens fall into six categories:


Common facts and figures about your institution. You can also provide hyperlinks to your top landing pages (such as your academic program finder, financial aid, student life, pages) as well as links to your social media accounts.


Brand assets such as your primary and secondary colors (hex code) as well as logos, favicons, and fonts.

🖼 The recommended image sizes are:

  • Logo: 200-300px wide

  • Favicon: 200-300px wide


These are images of your institution for various use cases – such as aerial photos of campus, student and faculty interactions, campus life, facilities, and more. They will appear in various components when a Pack is installed – such as a header on an email or landing page.

🖼 The ideal dimension for your images is a width of 600 pixels; height can vary as required.


Build profiles of distinguished and noteworthy alumni.


Build profiles of your admissions team. These are often used to “sign” emails generated in Packs.


Like signatures, used to display contact information on Packs. In most cases, these should be staff that you want prospective students to contact if they have questions.

Configuring Your Packs Tokens

  1. Navigate to Data + Automations > Packs > Packs Content Tokens.

  2. Use the left-hand menu to navigate through each token category and add or edit each token.

Packs Token Tips + Best Practices

  • Always use the highest-quality images you have. They should be authentic whenever possible (not stock photos). JPG or PNG is preferred.

  • Logo files should be either .PNG or high-quality .GIF, with transparency behind the logo.

  • If your institution has a brand guide, you may want to check it first to get recommendations on which logos to use, what hex colors to select, and, in some cases, what photos to use.

  • Plan to review these tokens from time to time. School quick facts, signatures, and contacts should be reviewed and updated annually at a minimum.

  • If you have any questions about setting up your Packs tokens, please contact your Customer Support representative for assistance.

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