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Getting Started with Packs
Getting Started with Packs

Learn about our library of pre-built campaigns, automations and tools.

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Packs are ready-to-use campaigns built by the Element team and informed by machine learning to help you move faster and do better work.

The Packs library is filled with pre-built campaigns, automations, and tools to help you streamline repetitive tasks, take advantage of best practices, support the full student journey, and integrate with external tools.

Packs strategically combine campaigns, segments, workflows, and more, so with a few clicks, you have a targeted, personalized campaign with an automated workflow ready to launch. No other CRM has such out-of-the-box personalized campaigns that are as tightly integrated into the product as Packs.

Accessing Packs

Access the Packs Library at Data + Automations > Packs > Packs Library.

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Packs Tokens

When a Pack is installed, assets like emails and landing pages are automatically generated using information about your institution and your brand—such as logos, fonts, colors, and photos. This ensures that the installed components are authentic and unique to your school.

You can access your Packs Tokens at Data + Automations > Packs > Packs Content Tokens.

To use the Packs library, you must first set up your Packs Tokens (usually done during implementation). Learn more about installing Packs Tokens.

Browse Individual Packs

The Packs Library contains pre-built campaigns, automations, and tools to support the full admissions journey and beyond, which include:

  • Email templates

  • Search campaigns

  • Yield campaigns

  • Application completion/submission nudge campaigns

  • In-person/virtual info sessions

  • Marketing tools such as an embeddable request for information form and lead generation landing page

  • And more

You can toggle the display of available Packs by grid or compact list view.

Filter, Sort, and Search Packs

  • Filter: Using the left-hand filter menu, you can narrow down the list of Packs by the following criteria:

    • Pack Category Type

    • Target Audience

    • Campus Unit

    • Institution Type

  • Sort and Search: You can also sort and search Packs.

Installing and Managing Packs

Installing a Pack

  1. To install a Pack, simply click the “install” button on the Pack description landing page.

  2. On the next screen, you will have the ability to customize components related to the use case of the Pack. For communications campaigns, you can select a number of options, such as who your target segment is, your communication frequency, call-to-action (CTA) link, contact information, and more. Some Packs allow you to choose from several email designs and content styles.

Review all installed Pack components before setting workflows to active (landing pages, emails, forms, workflows, etc.)

Pack Components + Resources

  • When a Pack is installed, you will see a listing of all the included components with links to each resource.

  • These resources will also be accessible in their respective areas of Element. For example:

    • Segments: Contacts > Segments

    • Emails: Engagement > Campaigns > Ongoing Communications

    • Pages: Engagement > Pages

    • Forms: Engagement > Forms

    • Surveys: Engagement > Surveys

    • Workflows: Data + Automations > Workflows > All Workflows

  • You can access your installed Packs at any time by navigating to Data + Automations > Packs > Your Packs.

  • Each installed Pack has a link to display all the included components.

  • You can also uninstall a Pack here. Select “uninstall” and confirm your selection to remove a Pack from your instance of Element.

Activating Packs

For Packs with included workflows, by default, they are installed as inactive.

This is purposeful to ensure that you have a chance to review any included components before activating a campaign. Some Packs contain emails where your input is needed—such as providing additional content about your institution. Instructive copy is highlighted in emails where this is the case. For example, from our Admitted Yield Campaign Pack:

As with all Packs, review the attached emails to ensure you’re happy with the content and messaging. Set your workflow to “active” to begin the campaign.

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