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Application Checklist Campaign Pack
Application Checklist Campaign Pack

Learn how to install and customize the Application Checklist Campaign Pack.

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The Application Checklist Campaign Pack contains a series of emails, an automated workflow, and a segment filter that checks to see if an applicant has submitted an application and is missing checklist items.

This Pack can help users who spend too much time manually contacting applicants to submit any checklist items—such as transcripts, test scores, etc.

When this Pack is configured and activated, the workflow will send a series of emails and text messages to applicants, automatically including their list of missing checklist items, to remind them to finish submitting these materials. The messages also encourage recipients to respond if they need assistance.

This Pack is for any institution using checklist items built in the Decisions module in one of your hosted Applications using the Applications Module. Recipients of the messages included in this Pack are applicants who have submitted an application to your institution.

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You can set an end date to end the email and text campaign automatically. For example, you might want to make this your application deadline.

​Once the Pack is installed you can also customize the emails as you see fit. Your brand assets, such as logos, fonts, colors, and pre-written messaging, are included in the installed components. Like all Pack components, we strongly recommend reviewing any materials before activating a workflow.

To use any Pack in the Library, you must first set up your Packs Tokens. Click here to learn more about Packs Tokens.

Pack Install Options

  • Application Type: You can install this Pack multiple times to connect to as many applications as you wish. However, each Pack install only connects to one single application. Select the application you wish to use with this Pack in the drop-down menu.

  • Configure Communications

    • End date: Select an end date for the automated campaign. It's recommended this follow any deadlines, such as an application submission deadline. This ensures that recipients don't receive reminder messages to complete a checklist once they've passed the application window.

    • Sender email address and name: configures the reply-to email address and name of the sender in messages that are sent.

    • SMS phone number and sender name: similarly configures the phone number and name referenced in text messages that go out. (e.g., "This is Chris from Element University...")

    • Contact info: Populates the footer fields in the associated emails.

Reviewing the Workflow and Email/SMS Messages

Before activating the campaign, you should review all the included components in this Pack. After installing the pack, you can see a list of these.

Email Components

The emails included with this campaign come with suggested pre-written content to encourage recipients to return to the application portal and address their missing checklist items.

Click here to preview an email

This also includes the following tokens:

  • [user:first_name, fallback="there"]

    • Displays the user's first name with a fallback option in the event it isn't in the system (unlikely).

  • [client:name]

    • Displays your institution's name as specified in your Pack tokens.

  • [user_decision:checklist]

    • Generates a list of missing checklist items when the email is sent.

Feel free to edit the messages as you see fit or add any additional information or context for the recipient about the next steps in this process.

You can access your email/SMS components under Engagement > Campaigns > Ongoing Communications.

Workflow Components

The installed workflow is available under Data + Automations > Workflows > All Workflows.

This will automate the reminder campaign. Each step in the workflow will look to see if the user has completed a checklist using the following segment filter:

  • Decision > Checklist Status

    • {Completed} is {True}

This looks to see if for an individual user for a specific application, all checklist items have been completed. If it has, the workflow ends, and the user ceases to receive messages. If there are still outstanding checklist items, the steps will continue until:

  • The user completes the checklist

  • The campaign hits the specified end date (from the Pack install options)

  • The campaign ends (after the 60-day reminder step by default. You may adjust this after installing the Pack.)

Before activating the campaign, check the delay in between steps to confirm the campaign will run at your desired message frequency.

Activating the Campaign

After you have reviewed your email/SMS messages and your workflow, set your workflow status to active to begin running the campaign.

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