Transitioning to a new application is an exciting proposition, but can be overwhelming. Element451 recommends that you take some time to plan out how to structure your application within the App451 framework. App451 breaks applications into steps with sections. Each section has fields where applicants enter the information you need about them, their educational background, etc. 

Once you've reviewed the articles in this Applications guide, we suggest using a spreadsheet, Google or Word doc, wireframing software or even sketching out on paper, the steps, sections, and fields you want to include.  

When you're ready to begin building your application start with the steps below. Keep in mind that you can adjust your application before publishing it. While the tools to create applications are fairly straightforward, it's common to need to rework things as you go along.

Create the Application - Part 1
From the All Applications screen, click the plus sign in the bottom right to begin creating your new application.

Now name and provide a short description of the application. You'll also need to choose if you want to use the SnapApp option (with the SnapApp, applicants initially only see required fields) and if you want a popup window to appear that allows applicants to submit their application once all required fields are completed, or to see and fill in optional fields.

Next, you can turn on the payment section of the application if it's already set up.

You've now completed the first part of creating your application. In Part 2, you'll build out steps, sections, and fields.

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