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Maximize productivity with Copilot in Element451: AI-driven assistant, intuitive writing aid, and efficient communication tool.

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β€‹πŸš€ We are currently offering our Copilot January 2024 Update to all users as a free preview. Please let us know how you like it!


Copilot is more than just a tool; it's your personal assistant within Element451. At its core, Copilot harnesses the power of several advanced large language models (LLMs), including Open AI's ChatGPT, to elevate efficiency and effectiveness, freeing you to concentrate on priorities that matter.

With its generative AI capabilities and specialized skills within specific modules, Copilot can interpret and execute complex queries, transforming how you interact with Element451.

Copilot's AI capabilities are available throughout Element451 via a conversational interface and specialized module skills.

Accessing Copilot

You can access Copilot and take advantage of its general skills using the conversational interface, which can be accessed via the Start Page or your topnavigation bar. To access Copilot's specialized skills, navigate to the respective module module.

1) From the Start Page

  • The Start Page is the default landing page when signing into your Element451 instance if you have not set a Preferred Start Page.

  • If you have a Preferred Start Page configured or want to jump quickly to our Start Page, click the Element451 logo in the top left corner of the orange navigation bar.

On the Start Page, the following Copilot features are available:

  • Copilot Bar: Use everyday language to prompt Copilot to find information or help you complete a task.

  • Shortcuts: Click on a shortcut for quick access to helpful information.

2) From the Copilot Navigation Button

The Copilot button is located on the far right of the orange navigation bar.

  • Clicking the icon opens the Copilot side sheet, allowing you to continue working in Element451 while interacting with Copilot.

Video Overview

Copilot Skills

Conversational Interface Skills

  • Query Assistant: Input prompts using everyday language to ask questions about your students, institution, what tasks you have overdue, and so much more.

  • Field Retrieval: Inquire about a wide array of data from a Contact's record, including custom field information. For example, you could ask Copilot for a student's phone number or t-shirt size.

  • Task Completion: Copilot can analyze tasks and suggest actionable next steps, draft email and SMS communication based on the task context, and even update the task status upon completion. Explore more information here.

  • Knowledge Bases: Provides instant access to private and public knowledge bases. Explore our Knowledge Base article for more information.

  • Element451 Help Center: Ask Copilot questions about Element451's features and receive answers sourced directly from our help articles and product documentation, all without leaving your current view.

  • Campaign Generation: Access the specialized module skill, Copilot for Campaigns, without having to navigate to the Campaigns module.

  • ChatGPT Integration: Offers advanced conversational support for content creation, inquiries, and more.

  • Copilot for Campaigns

    • Creates complete drip campaigns

    • Generates subject lines & preview text

    • Enhances email content with tone, brevity, expansion, translation, and grammar/spelling checks

  • Copilot for Pages

    • Develops complete, branded, and ready-to-publish Pages

    • Generates page headlines using a description or keywords

    • Enhances page content with tone, brevity, expansion, translation, and grammar/spelling checks

  • Copilot for Conversations

    • Generates new email or text conversations using a prompt

    • Generates conversation replies automatically or with a prompt

    • Enhances your conversation message content with tone, brevity, expansion, translation, and grammar/spelling checks

    • Summarizes a conversation to add as a note

Discover more about how Copilot can revolutionize your workflow in our detailed Copilot Use Cases article.

Conversational Interface

Copilot's conversational interface is crafted to streamline your workflow with intuitive communication. At your fingertips in the Copilot side sheet, you'll find three key tabs: New, Shortcuts, and History.

New Tab

Jumpstart conversations with Copilot by sending new prompts or revisiting recent chats. Quick links to shortcuts and past chats enhance your efficiency.

  • Send a Message: Send Copilot a new prompt (e.g., "Help me draft an email to John Smith to remind him about finishing his application")

  • Recent Chat: View a brief recent prompt/chat history

  • See All Past Chats: Opens the History tab

  • Try Out Shortcuts: Links to a few general shortcuts

  • See All Shortcuts: Opens the Shortcuts Tab

Shortcuts Tab

Use a shortcut to get information or perform an action quickly without typing a prompt.

You can use the search bar to find a shortcut using keywords or review the shortcut listing, which is divided into three categories:

  • General: Popular and generic shortcuts

  • User: Shortcuts pertaining to you or another internal Element451 user

  • Contact: Shortcuts pertaining to students or other external Element451 users

Contact shortcuts are context-aware, meaning when viewing a specific contact's profile record and having the Copilot side sheet open, the user name will pre-populate when you select a shortcut.

A list of the shortcuts and the associated actions is located in the next section.

History Tab

View your prompt/chat history to continue a previous conversation with Copilot.

  • To open a previous chat, click on the conversation preview bubble.

  • To delete a previous chat, hover your cursor over the conversation preview bubble and click the trashcan icon.


Copilot offers a range of shortcuts to streamline your workflow. Popular shortcuts are accessible from the Start Page, and a complete list of Shortcuts can be accessed using the Copilot side sheet by clicking the Shortcuts tab.


  • Catch Me Up

    • Get a quick rundown of important action items pertaining to you:

      • Conversations created, assigned to you, and open within the last 24 hours

      • Decisions assigned to you within the last 24 hours and not in the Release Stage

      • Tasks assigned to you and due today or overdue

  • Draft a Message

    • Compose an email or SMS draft and send that message to the contact

  • Create a Task

    • Creates a task for you (or someone else)

  • Count Event Registrations

    • Total registration count

    • Breakdown of the count by status (registered, attended, etc.)

  • Knowledge Base


  • User Tasks

    • Retrieves all todo tasks assigned to you (or someone else)

  • User Conversations

    • Retrieves all conversations assigned to you (or someone else)

  • User Decisions

    • Retrieves all decisions assigned to you (or someone else) that are not in the Release stage


  • Team Tasks

    • Retrieves all the tasks assigned to a particular team

  • Team Conversations

    • Retrieves all the conversations assigned to a particular team

  • Team Decisions

    • Retrieves all the decisions assigned to a particular team


Contact Shortcuts are designed to transform the way you interact with student records in Element451. It offers an intuitive and efficient method to access student information with just a click.

  • Contact Summary

    • Retrieves and summarizes demographics, traits, and contact information for a specific contact

  • Create Note

    • Add a note to a particular contact record. The note type is automatically inferred based on the conversation.

  • Contact Activities

    • Retrieves the latest contact-made activities (page views, link clicks in emails, text messages, or on pages, application activities, event registration, paid, deposited, etc.) for a specific contact

  • Contact Engagement Score

    • Retrieves the engagement score for a specific contact

  • Contact Tasks

    • Retrieves all tasks related to a particular contact

  • Contact Notes

    • Retrieves all notes related to a particular contact

  • Contact Events

    • Retrieves the total event registrations for a particular contact


Copilot is context-aware and can automatically detect where you are in Element451 to help you execute tasks more efficiently and accurately.


  • Using Shortcuts: When you select a shortcut while viewing a student's record, Copilot automatically fills in the student's name in the prompt. You can remove the contact association by clicking the name and X icon.
    ​This intelligent design eliminates manual searching and selection, assuming the active record is your focal point. This saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring that your communications and actions are always directed at the correct contact.

  • Not Using Shortcuts: When viewing a student record and not using a shortcut, Copilot is still context-aware. For example, you could use the prompt, "Give me a summary of this student," and Copilot will assume you are referring to the contact record you have opened.


When viewing a task, you can ask Copilot to help you complete it. Copilot will analyze the task and suggest actionable next steps. Copilot is capable of drafting email and SMS communications based on the context of the task. Then, with your permission, Copilot will send the communication and change the task status to done.

Specialized Skills

In addition to using Copilot from the navigation menu or start page, we have built specialized skills for the Campaigns, Pages, and Conversations modules.

Explore each skill in their respective help articles linked below.

  • Copilot for Campaigns: You can create entire drip campaigns with Copilot! Tell Copilot what you need, and it will use BoltAI and Packs Tokens to do the rest. Or, if you want, you can build your campaigns and use Copilot to generate subject lines and preview text or edit your content text.
    ​Copilot for Campaigns β†’

  • Copilot for Pages: You can create complete and branded Pages with Copilot by giving Copilot a simple prompt. It will use BoltAI and Packs Tokens to do the rest. Or, use it to edit the content on Pages using Copilot's writing assistance tools.
    ​Copilot for Pages β†’

  • Copilot for Conversations: Copilot can also be used in Conversations. You can draft and edit responses using the same options from campaigns and pages. Moreover, you can use it to generate notes by summarizing entire conversations or to craft custom replies.

Use Cases

Discover the full potential of Copilot in our Copilot Use Cases article, showcasing practical workflows and innovative ways to leverage its powerful features.

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