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Learn to navigate the default Start page and customize your Preferred Start Page.

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This guide walks you through the essentials of the Start page, helping you make the most out of your Element451 experience from the moment you log in. Whether you're sticking with the default setup or customizing it to your unique workflow, the Start page is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity.

Learn about the default Start page and how to tailor your Start Page to fit your preferences, ensuring a smoother, more efficient day in Element451.

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Default Start Page

The Start page ( is where you land upon signing into Element451 when a preferred start page has not been set. Think of it as your Element451 home page.

πŸ“™ Note: You can access the default Start page by clicking the Element451 logo in the top left corner, even if you have a Preferred Start Page.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you wish to access Dashboards Overview (the page formally used as the default start page), navigate to Data + Automation > Dashboards.

The Element451 Start page is divided into three sections:


  • Copilot Bar: Use everyday language to provide Copilot a prompt to find information or help you complete a task.

  • Shortcuts: Access information and perform actions quickly using Copilot prompt shortcuts. Click on a shortcut to open the Copilot side sheet interface.

Quick Start Guide

Only visible to those in the system delivered Element451 Administrator permission group, the Quick Start Guide is a comprehensive, interactive checklist for implementing Element451. Clicking a checklist item will take you to the necessary location within your Instance to complete the task. If you have questions about your implementation, contact your customer success.

Feature Cards

Up to six cards will be displayed based on your access level, providing a quick overview and access to what's happening in your instance.

Preferred Start Page

The "Preferred Start Page" feature allows you to customize your start page in Element451. This means that instead of the default start page, you can choose to be redirected to the specific module that you use the most.

For instance, if you primarily work with Decisions, you can set your Preferred Start Page to Decisions. This way, when you log in, you will be directed straight to Decisions, making it easier for you to begin your work.

This customization option allows you to tailor your start page to fit your workflow and prioritize the features that are most important to you.

Configure Your Preferred Start Page

  • Navigate to your avatar/picture in the top right corner of the orange navigation bar

  • Click Manage Account

  • Click Edit

  • Use the Preferred Starting Page drop-down to select a page

  • Click Save in the top right corner

After configuring your Preferred Start Page, you can still access Dashboards by navigating to the Data + Automation menu.

Configure Another User's Preferred Start Page

πŸ“™Note: In order to configure another user's Preferred Start Page, you must have Administer Internal Users permission.

  • Navigate to your profile picture in the top right corner

  • Hover over Settings

  • Click Manage Users

  • Find the user's name of your choosing and click their name

  • Click Edit

  • Use the Preferred Starting Page drop-down to select a page

  • Click Save in the top right corner

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