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Learn how to create and edit pages with our AI tool, Copilot.

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Copilot for Pages is a revolutionary way to create ready-to-publish pages in Element451.

  • Use natural language in a conversation format to guide Copilot in creating and refining your ready-to-publish page, complete with CTAs, teasers, text, pictures, and more!

  • With the help of your Knowledge Base, Copilot can create a page complete with precise and relevant information tailored to your audience and goal.

  • Copilot uses Packs Content Tokens to create on-brand pages that look like they were designed by your marketing department.

  • Want to build your own page? You can still use Copilot to generate your headlines.

Generate Complete Pages

Copilot can create ready-to-publish pages. Describe the page you need, and Copilot will generate an outline and preview based on your prompt. Learn how:

Before Trying Copilot for Pages

One of the most important aspects of successful pages is personalization. That's why Copilot utilizes your information from Element451, including Content Tokens like colors and logos and the Knowledge Base, to tailor your pages.

It's crucial to keep these elements updated to ensure optimal results. By staying on top of these details, Copilot can create campaigns that truly resonate with your audience and achieve your desired outcomes.

  1. Review your Content Tokens to ensure they are up-to-date.

    • To access Content Tokens: Data + Automations > Packs > Content Tokens

    • For more information on Content Tokens, click here.

  2. Add sources to the Knowledge Base and review existing sources for accuracy and relevance.

    • To access the Knowledge Base: Data + Automations > Knowledge

    • For more information on building your Knowledge Base, click here.

Generate a Page Using Copilot

  1. Navigate to Engagement > Pages

  2. Click + New Page button in the top right corner

  3. Name your new page and click Save

  4. Click Edit Page

  5. Click Edit with Copilot.

  6. Use natural language to describe the page you need.

  7. The Copilot conversation window will open, where you can provide information about the page you want created. Note: Copilot is conversational and designed to ask follow-up questions if it requires additional information.

  8. Copilot will draft an outline of your page for you to review. Click on each angle bracket to expand the details.

    • If you want to make changes, reply with your change requests.

    • If you approve, tell Copilot or click "I like it. Continue."

  9. Copilot will then draft the components of your page for you to review. When it's done, it will say all components created.

  10. Click the X to close the conversation with Copilot and preview your page.

  11. You can then manually edit the page or click edit with Copilot to ask Copilot to make any changes.

Generate Page Headlines

Copilot can generate a page headline using a description or a list of keywords separated by commas. Learn how:

  1. When creating a page, type the description of the page using text or comma-separated keywords.

  2. Highlight the text.

  3. Select the Generate Headline icon.

  4. Copilot will then replace the original text with your newly generated headline.

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