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Campaign Insights Dashboard Updates | February 2024
Campaign Insights Dashboard Updates | February 2024

Release notes for updates to the Campaigns Dashboard.

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Release Notes

Issued: 2/13/24

Released: 2/13/24

Overview: We're excited to introduce several enhancements to our Campaigns Insights Dashboard, aimed at providing you with more control and clarity in analyzing your email and SMS Campaign performance.


  • IP Address Filtering: Seamlessly filter out specific IP addresses by typing them into a text box, refining your data analysis and ensuring accuracy.

  • Hourly Heat Map: Customize your insights with the ability to select desired metrics (sent, opened, clicked) on the hour-by-hour heat map, tailoring it to your specific needs.

  • Expanded SMS Insights: We've added bounce data, bounce category, and link clicks by campaign and link URL to the SMS Tab, providing you with comprehensive insights into your SMS campaigns.

  • Previous Period Dates: Take charge of previous period dates with a date selector box, allowing for personalized analysis without default time frames.

  • Streamlined Visuals: Campaigns with zero values across all columns are now automatically filtered out from each visual, ensuring clarity and focus on relevant data.

Benefit: These enhancements put you in control, enabling deeper analysis and informed decision-making to optimize the performance of your email and SMS Campaigns. Dive into your data with confidence, leveraging the power of our Campaigns Insights Dashboard to drive success.

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