Now that you have admitted students, you can leverage Microsites to guide them through the enrollment process and show them what life as a student at your institution would be like. (As a reminder, here's a general overview of Microsites' capabilities.) In the Applications module, you can edit the Admitted Greeting Message to personalize what students see when they log in after being admitted (see below). However, you also want them to be able to see the checklists, packages, career connector, and academic planner pages you have created in Microsites. How do you tie the two together?

1. First, double-check that your Microsite is fully set up and ready to go. Navigate to Sites under Microsites.

2. Select the Microsite you would like to work on and click on it to edit. Once the Microsite is ready, publish it if you have not already. If it is already published, click on the green Publish icon next to the Microsite name and choose to Edit Publish Settings.

3. Check the URL for the Microsite. Element451 automatically assigns a URL, but we strongly recommend adding a vanity URL by clicking Add Host. These domains should have been configured during your implementation. Contact your Customer Success Account Manager if you have any questions about this. Once the vanity URL is set up, copy the link to the Microsite.

4. Navigate to the application editor for the application you would like to link to the Microsite. Once there, click to edit the Greeting Message for an Admitted Student. Toggle to Yes for Show Package button and scroll down.

5. Here comes the key piece of setting this up: inputting the link to the Microsite. First, paste in the URL that you copied from Step 3. Then, after that URL add "/section/acceptance-package?registrationId=[application:registration_id]." The first piece of this text directs to the Acceptance Package of the Microsite, and the second piece is a token that links to that particular student's unique Microsite registration ID. The link will not work if it does not include these pieces.

6. Next, you can edit the button label to be whatever you want!

7. When an admitted student clicks on the button, they will be redirected to the login page for your Microsite.

They will use the same log-in credentials they use for their Element451 application and can continue to explore your school and be guided through to enrollment!

Note: In order for the student to see the acceptance package in their Microsite, you must manually make it Active to Send in the Decision module. View the student's application in the Decision module and navigate to the Package tab. Toggle any relevant pieces to Active to Send to be sure they will appear in the Microsite.

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