Happy Birthday Pack

Wish prospective students a happy birthday.

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This Pack can be used by any institution to send birthday greetings to prospective students.

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  • You can set a header image of either your school's primary color or choose from several graphics for email and SMS.

  • You can also configure the following communications settings.

    • Sender email address and name: configures the reply-to email address and name of sender in messages that are sent.

    • SMS phone number and sender name: similarly configures the phone number and name referenced in text messages that go out. (e.g., "This is Chris from Element University...")

    • Contact info: Populates the footer fields in the associated emails.

To use any Pack in the Library, you must first set up your Packs Tokens. Click here to learn more about Packs Tokens.

Once the Pack is installed, you can make further edits to the included email and SMS. The installed components include your brand assets, such as logos, fonts, and colors, and pre-written messaging. Like all Pack components, we strongly recommend reviewing any materials before activating a workflow.

Reviewing the Workflow and Email/SMS Messages

Before activating the campaign, you should review all the included components in this Pack. After installing the pack, you can see a list of these.

Email Components

Workflow Components

The installed workflow is available under Data + Automations > Workflows > All Workflows.

This will automate sending the birthday greeting. The trigger for this workflow is the user's birthday.

Activating the Campaign

After you have reviewed your email/SMS messages and your workflow, set your workflow status to active to begin running the campaign.

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