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Learn more about the formula field available when using specific user property action in Workflows + Rules.

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When using the user property actions in Workflows + Rules, you have the capability to add custom-calculated fields by employing formulas, unlocking powerful data manipulation possibilities:

  • Set User's Custom Date Property

  • Set User's Custom Property

  • Set User's Property

Adding a Formula

πŸ“™ Note: However, it's classified as an advanced feature, necessitating proficiency with the formula syntax similar to that used in our Import/Export functionality. Prior experience with this syntax is highly recommended to leverage this feature effectively.

When you select one of the user property actions, the Formula field will automatically display, allowing you to add your own formula. The formula field uses the same formulas as our Import/Export functions.

Testing Your Formula

Once you have added your code, you can use the Test Formula section to preview the results based on a specific user.

  1. Select a user from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click the Evaluate button .

  3. Review the evaluated formula output.

Use Cases

Create Prospect Scores

Use a formula to evaluate multiple conditions of a Prospect's record, then assign a score all within a Rule.

Condense Multiple Steps into One

Store multiple conditions in one formula instead of creating one step per condition. This can drastically reduce the number of steps in a Rule that populates a Person's Assignee or populates custom properties.

Clean up Data without Export/Import

Clean up data at scale by using a formula to transform data or correct it.

Formula Examples

Age Calculation

Current Age Calculation

DATE_DIFF("year", DATE_FORMAT([user-dob], "m/d/Y"), DATE_DEFAULT("m/d/Y"))

Calculated Age at Term Start

IF(DATE_DIFF("year", DATE_FORMAT([user-dob], "m/d/Y"), DATE_FORMAT(DS_MAP([user-education-term],"data_source.terms","guid","start_date",""), "m/d/Y")) >= 24, "nontrad", "trad")

Custom Scoring Calculation


IF( DB_MAP("major", [user-education-prefered-major], "guid", "code", "") = "BUSI" | DB_MAP("major", [user-education-prefered-major], "guid", "code", "") = "HS11",  5, IF(DB_MAP("major", [user-education-prefered-major], "guid", "code", "") = "ACC", 3, 1))


IF([user-citizenship-country] = "USA", "5", IF([user-citizenship-country] = "ENG" | [user-citizenship-country] = "FRA", "3", "1"))


IF([user-religion-name] = "ME", "5", IF(CONTAINS([user-religion-other], "Methodist") = TRUE, "5", IF([user-religion-name] = "BT" | [user-religion-name] = "EP", "4", IF([user-religion-name] = "EV" | [user-religion-name] = "LU", "3", "1"))))


SUM([user-custom-training-score-major], [user-custom-training-score-relig], [user-custom-training-score-cit])>10
SUM([user-custom-training-score-major], [user-custom-training-score-relig], [user-custom-training-score-cit])>5

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