What You’ll Learn

  • What actions do in workflows

  • How to add an action

  • The types of actions you can choose from

Actions determine what will happen to people in workflow steps. For example, receive a communication like an email or SMS, have their completed application submitted, or have a label like “prospect” applied to their profile/account.

You can add many actions to a step. Keep in mind that if you use conditions (more granular control over actions and steps):

  • You will want to set at least 2 actions for that step. One for those that meet the condition and one for those who don't.

  • You may choose to add more than one to either the “yes” or “no” branches.

In this article we’ll look at the different options you can choose from when creating a new action. You can combine multiple actions and workflows to automate many of the common tasks in Element451. Here’s how to add an action.

Add a Action

1. To add a new action:

For a new step: click the + on the right of Audience. The Add Step form will open where you can select the primary action.

For an existing step: click the play button. The Add Action form will open.

2. After selecting the action, you’ll be prompted to enter an option related to your choice. For example, if you chose to add a label as your action, you will indicate which label to add.

Action Types

Let's take a look at what each action does. Note: For each, you’ll select a corresponding value, e.g. after selecting Enroll to Workflow, you’ll choose which workflow to enroll people in.

Abort Workflow

Stops a chosen workflow with a status indicating it was aborted rather than active or finished.

Add Label

Tags people with a chosen label. Labels are things like “prospect,” “admit.”

Enroll to Workflow

Enrolls people to a chosen workflow.

Finish Workflow

Stops the current workflow with a status indicating that it was finished rather than active or aborted. Once a user has finished the workflow, s/he cannot be added again but their record is preserved.

Remove Label

Removes a chosen label from a person’s profile.

Remove from Workflow

Completely removes a person from the workflow, including any associated data. This is a clean wipe of the person’s enrollment in the workflow. The user can be added back into the workflow.

Send Communication

Sends a chosen communication to people. Communications are created through the Campaigns451 module.

To use an existing communication (rather than create a new one), set its audience in Campaigns to Workflows.

Send Notification

Sends a chosen notification to people.

Submit Application

Submits a chosen application created by an applicant.

Next, learn how to edit when an action will occur by using delays.


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