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To get started or make adjustments to BoltBot, tailor its settings to fit your institution's unique requirements and operational preferences. BoltBot's customizable features enable you to fine-tune your AI chatbot's performance, whether you're setting it up for the first time or updating existing configurations. This guide details each setting.

Find BoltBot's settings by navigating to Engagement > Conversations > Settings.


Select Chatbot Channels

Specify which conversation channels BoltBot will respond to inbound messages: Live Chat, Email, SMS.

  • This setting serves as the central control to enable/disable BoltBot. When all chips are disabled (gray), BoltBot is disabled.

  • BoltBot will optimize its response based on the channel (e.g., SMS responses will be around 160 characters, and e-mail responses will contain greetings).


The name of your chatbot. This could be your mascot or another name of relevance or importance to your institution.

Select Chatbot Skills

Enable which skills you want active for BoltBot. BoltBot is designed not only to provide answers but also to assist students in accomplishing tasks.

For a complete list of skills and description/details of each, visit our BoltBot Skills help article.

Limit The Time ChatBot is Active

Set a schedule for BoltBot to be active. This setting is helpful if you'd like BoltBot to run during off-hours when your team is unavailable.

Note: To run BoltBot on a set schedule, Conversations must be set to active during the same time as BoltBot.

Live Chat


Configure your initial greeting. This will be displayed in the live chat widget when a student starts a new chat.


Upload an image to be used as an avatar in Conversations. If no image is uploaded, your institution's primary logo will be used. Note: To display correctly, the image you select to upload should be a 1:1 aspect ratio (square).

Display Knowledge Base Sources to User?

Enabling this setting will provide a source URL at the end of BoltBot's response. This allows the student to find more information or context on the topic of inquiry.

  • The source will only display if BoltBot uses a URL source for content

  • Sources are displayed both internally and externally in the thread

Live Chat Conditions

Control on which pages where Live Chat is active should BoltBot be enabled.

Email + SMS Settings

Limit to a Segment

If enabled, BoltBot will exclusively respond to individuals within the segments you select on that channel.

πŸ’‘Pro tip: Use this feature to do any testing before turning the feature on for your students.

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