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Understanding Sentiment Analysis in Conversations - a tool designed to help you understand how students feel during conversations

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Element451 Conversations includes artificial intelligence (AI) powered sentiment analysis to help you better understand how students feel during conversations.

Here's an overview of how it works and how you can use these insights.

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis uses AI to evaluate the emotion and tone behind messages. It classifies each message as positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.
A positive sentiment means the message expresses happiness, excitement, satisfaction, etc. Neutral is more objective or unemotional. Negative sentiment conveys sadness, frustration, anger, or other difficult feelings.

How can sentiment analysis be useful?

Seeing the sentiment analysis on your conversations provides an at-a-glance indicator of how students feel about the overall engagement. If you notice a lot of negative sentiment, that may signal a need to adapt your approach.

The data can help you identify trends in when and why students have positive or negative reactions. You can use these insights to modify how you interact with students to improve their experience.

How can I enable sentiment analysis?

Engagement > Conversations > Settings > General > AI Settings

Where can I view the sentiment analysis?

In the SMS or Live Chat channels, every message will have a smiley face icon next to it.

Color of the smiley face

Sentiment analysis







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