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Commonly asked questions and their answers about creating and managing events.

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This article lists commonly asked questions and their answers, providing you with quick and easy access to essential information about creating and managing events.


  • How can I update the gradient color on my event page header?

    • Currently, the gradient in your event page header is set automatically based on your primary and secondary color choices. It is not possible to modify the gradient header at this time.

  • What is the recommended format and size of the event photo?

    • The image format must be .png or .jpeg and no larger than 5MB. Images should also be square (1:1 aspect ratio) larger than 368x368, with a recommended size of 500x500. Images that are too small or in other aspect ratios may cause unintended cropping.


  • Can multiple people sign up for an event using the same sign-up form, like a group registration?

    • Event Registrations are designed to be processed individually. Multiple people must complete the form and payment separately if they want to attend.

  • How would I collect guest payments on event registration?

    • You can use the Calculated payment type to write a formula to include guest fees in the total payment amount. To do this, use the user-events-guest-number data field.

  • Can I customize the 'Thank You Note' that appears once an attendee registers for an event?

    • The Thank You Note is displayed for all events and is not event-specific. Event-specific communication can be facilitated through Event Messages, such as confirmation and reminder emails and text messages, which can be customized when editing an event. Explore more.

Messaging + Notifications

  • Is the event payment reminder email customizable?

    • No, not at this time.

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