As you are creating, searching through, and using segments, you might find that you need to add a person's profile to the system. You can do this directly from a segment.

With the segment open, click on the blue plus sign in the bottom right. The Add New User form will open.

Complete the form, making sure to fill in each required field (*) so you can move on to the next section.

Element451 will guide you through several tabs. Once you have completed the Basic Information tab, you will have the opportunity to add a Source Code. The Source Code and Source Code Segment options from which you can select are managed in the Data module under Source Codes. You can also add in a Timestamp for the Source Code.

The next tab allows you to manually add Milestones for the new user. You might want to add Date of Inquiry here, for example, so that the student shows up as a Prospect rather than a Suspect. Here, you choose the Milestone Type, the Name (Client Import, Dashboard, or Email Click--you would almost always choose Dashboard in this case), the Date, Term, and Major.

The last tab, Education, allows you to input information about the student's academic history.

When all details are entered, click Create. The person's profile will now be in the segment and in the Element451 system. 

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