Assignees vs. Participants

Learn about the difference between Assignees and Participants in Conversations.

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Use the roles of Assignees and Participants to effectively manage incoming messages and make sure all student inquiries are answered. 

Assignees and participants are internal users of your organization that communicate with students within Conversations. Students are not considered assignees or participants. 


  • There can only be one assignee per conversation.

  • Assignees are not automatically added to a conversation unless you create an automation in Conversation Rules.

  • To learn more about adding or changing the assignee, click here.


  • There can be multiple participants per conversation.

  • If you create a new conversation, you are automatically added as the first participant and will continue to receive notifications as long as you are a participant.

  • To learn more about joining a conversation, adding, or changing participants, click here.

Both Assignees and Participants:

  • Can reply to conversation messages or start a new conversation

  • Add conversation notes

  • Manage who is the assignee and who are participants

  • Receive an email anytime a student responds that includes the student’s name, the conversation title, and the content of the student’s response

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