Element451 offers a robust deduplication tool that allows you to make sure that you're merging any potential duplicate records. 

To access the module, click on the Data tab and migrate to the Deduplication menu item.

Once in, you will be presented with a list of your potential duplicate records and a series of actions you are able to take.

Merging Records

To begin merging a record, click on: 

This is the merge screen, where you can select which data from each record you want to keep. Certain data points (like applications and user activity) can be merged rather than choosing one.  You can also click on the eye icon next to each record to get a quick preview of those records.

Once you have selected the values you wish to keep, the minus icon in the bottom right will turn into the merge symbol. Click that button to merge your records. Merging records is permanent. Once you click merge, any data you choose to overwrite will be lost.

Back on the main screen you can also ignore suggested duplicates. To ignore a pairing, click on:

You can always find ignored records by clicking on the filter button and viewing your ignored possible duplicates.

Bulk Merge

Finally, you are able to control/command click and shift click on records to select multiple records and can mass merge or ignore.  When choosing to mass merge, the records on the left side will be the primary record when there are data discrepancies.

For more information on how duplicates are merged and priorities on choosing a master record, please see How Duplicate Records Are Merged.

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