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Getting Started with Surveys
Getting Started with Surveys

Learn how to use the Surveys to collect feedback from your students. Easily create, share, and analyze surveys within the Surveys module.

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Understanding your audience is key to providing excellent service. With Element451’s Survey Module, you can easily collect valuable feedback from students, parents, alumni, and more. This tool empowers you to create and distribute surveys directly within Element451, enabling you to gather insights and make data-driven decisions for your institution.

Key Features

  • Customizable and Branded Surveys: Personalize colors and fonts.

  • Flexible Formatting: Show all questions at once or one by one.

  • Advanced Features: Enable progress bar, shuffle questions, schedule the survey to start and close on specific dates.

  • Variety of Question Types: Text, dropdown, single select, multi-select, school search, star and smiley ratings, rating grid, and ranking.

  • Conditional Formatting: Create branching questions.

  • Preview Feature: See how your survey looks before sharing.

  • Multiple Share Options: Public URL, embed code, and QR code.

  • Analytics: Review individual responses, question stats, apply filters, and export data.

Accessing Surveys

Navigate to Engagement > Surveys.

When you navigate to the Surveys module, you are taken to your listing of Surveys. From here, you can:

  • View all of your surveys categorized by active and inactive.

  • Create a new survey and edit, duplicate, and delete an existing survey.

  • Filter the list of surveys by tag or search the list to find a tag quickly.

Creating + Managing Surveys

Now that you know the basics of the Surveys module, you can start creating and managing your surveys. Click below to explore this topic more.

Reviewing + Exporting Survey Responses

Once your surveys collect responses, the fun begins—analyzing the data! Element451 makes it easy to review individual responses, assess the stats of specific questions, or export your data for further analysis. Click below to explore this topic more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can survey responses be anonymous?

No, not at this time. By default, E451 adds an email address field to every survey. If a contact record for the provided email address doesn’t exist, a new one will be created.

Can I create a segment (filter contacts) based on survey responses?

You can filter your contact list by whether a contact answered or completed a specific survey. However, you cannot filter by responses to individual questions. There are, however, options for taking action/communicating with contacts who have specific responses. Click here to explore more on this topic.

How do I add contact information (email, name, etc.) fields to a survey?

You don’t need to add contact information fields manually. E451 automatically includes an email address field in every survey and associates responses with the contact in your People module.

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