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What are field groupings and how do I use them?

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This article assumes you have a solid understanding of Field Management.


Field Groupings are how Element451 groups related fields together. This makes it easier to manage the data within that grouping and add related fields to forms, events, applications, and more.

List of Field Groupings

An example of a field grouping is the Home Address grouping, which contains all fields that are related to the address: Address Type, Country, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, Zip/Postal Code, and whether or not this is the mailing address.

A complete list of available field groupings in Element451 can be found in our Data Library (User Profile and Education/Schools). At the top, use the filter to select a grouping.

Adding Field Groupings to Forms, Events, + Applications

Utilize groupings to quickly add large groups of fields at one time to your Forms, Events, and Applications.

To add a field grouping, look for the "Groupings" section when you add a new field. From there you can search and select a grouping to add.

When adding a grouping, you have the option to hide fields if you don't want to display all of the grouped fields. To show/hide fields, edit the grouping by selecting the pencil icon. Modify which individual fields are visible and required:

Editing Field Groupings

Field Groupings are managed in the Field Management (Data + Automations > Field Management) module. You can change the underlying Data Source on select Field Groupings. See step-by-step instructions here.

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