Intended vs Application Fields

What is the difference between Intended and Application Fields

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In Element451, "Intended" and "Application" are terms that help identify a student's status in the enrollment process.

Intended Fields

Used at the Prospect stage when a student submits a Request for Information Form, registers for an event, etc. These fields capture what the student *intends* to study and the term they intend to enroll. They can be added to Forms and Event registrations.

Application Fields

Used when a student submits an Application for enrollment. These fields are only available for Applications.

When to Use These Fields

  • Intended Term and Intended Major: Use these fields to collect data on suspects and prospects.

  • Application Major and Application Term: Use these fields once someone applies.

Using the correct fields lets you track if students change their minds between stages and support multiple applications for different majors and terms.

List of Intended Fields

You can add the following Intended Fields to a Form or Event:

  • Intended Term

  • Intended Major

  • Intended Degree

  • Intended School

  • Intended Campus

  • Intended Student Type

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