Preferred Payment Providers

The payment systems Element451 connects with out of the box.

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Collecting payments for event fees, application fees, and deposits is easy in Element451. We partner with several leading payment providers to offer modern, safe, and secure payment options.

Preferred Payment Providers:

New payment integrations should be selected from one of Element451's current Preferred Payment providers. These options provide the best and most secure payment options, as the Credit Card details are not passed through or stored in any Element451 system.


Element451 Payments Powered by Stripe

  • This is a standalone payment solution powered by Stripe. We can quickly get you up and running on Element451 Payments, and you don't even need an existing Stripe account. You can configure Element451 Payments via Settings > Integrations > Payment and select Stripe.

Stripe Connect

  • If you already have a Stripe Connect account, you can configure Element451 to work with your existing account using a webhook. Learn more below:

How To: Configure Stripe Payments Webhook

To complete the Element451 integration with your own Stripe account and see payment statuses reflected on the Element451 dashboard, you need to configure a webhook on your Stripe account to share Payment status information with Element.

  1. Login into your Stripe instance dashboard. On the right-hand side at the top, make sure that “Test mode” is off:

  2. On the search box above, type “webhooks” and click on the “Developers > Webhooks” option.

  3. Click on the button “+ Add endpoint” on the right.

  4. Fill and save the form as follows:

    • Add an Endpoint

    • Description: Listen Payment Status changes.

    • Listen to: Events on your account

    • Version: (2020-08-27)

    • Select events to listen to:

      • payment_intent.cancel

      • payment_intent.payment_failed

      • payment_intent.succeeded

  5. Once submitted, you will see the screen below. For new transactions, the payment status will now be reflected accurately in Element451.

PayPal / PayPal Smart Buttons

Integrating an existing PayPal account with Element451 allows you to display the PayPal smart button during checkout. Follow the process outlined here for instructions on how to access your Client ID and secret keys.

Flywire Embed

The Flywire Embedded Experience allows Element451 to make secure payments via Flywire without ever leaving the Element451 site. We'll connect Element451 to your existing Flywire account.

Touchnet TLink

Touchnet TLink offers the best and most secure Touchnet experience for Element451. We'll connect Element451 to your existing TLink account.

Legacy Payment Providers

Element451 continues to provide support for the following payment integrations for partners with existing configurations. Newly established integrations should use one of our Preferred Payment Providers listed above.

Some legacy providers require Element451 to collect and pass payment information from our infrastructure to the payment gateway. We are no longer actively developing around these providers, and newer payment features may not support payments processed by them.


  • CashNet

  • Flywire (non-embedded)

  • Touchnet TPGWC

Connecting to other Payment Providers

Outside of these providers, additional configuration or integration work may need to be scoped and completed at an additional cost.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our Customer Service team via live chat or at to start accepting payments in Element451.

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