The Athletics section of the user profile allows you to track student interest in your institution's athletics programs. You can also manage key data around your athletic recruitment program, such as athletic recruit status, source of an athletic recruit, rankings and more. 

This keeps your collegiate athletics data separated from "activities" that tracks extra curricular activities the prospect or applicant may have participated in during their high school years. 

Find the Athletics Section on the User profile > Profile Info > Athletics. 

You'll notice a number of fields to allow for future integration with other platforms, such as FrontRush. Most notably the Integration ID, Recruit Activity Date, Source Date, Created by, Created Date and Updated Date. Note that these date fields will not update automatically, but may be required fields for integration. More on the upcoming integration features soon. 

Using Athletics Group on Applications and Forms

You can use the Athletics field group to collect athletics interest information from your prospective students, even if they are not an athletic recruit. 

When using the Athletics group on an application or form it is important to note that most fields in the group are designed to be maintained by admissions or coaching staff (like Recruit Status) and aren't relevant to prospective students. Therefore, many of them shouldn't be made student facing on your forms and applications. Be sure to only show the fields that you want students to provide data for. We recommend only showing the Sport field (and possibly the position field) on student forms or applications. 

Getting Started: Important Info for Element451 Admins

To ensure data quality, several fields on the new athletics section rely on Data Sources. They are: Sport*, Position, Term, Recruit Status and Source.  Element451 has seeded system data sources for these items. However, we recommend that you create new custom data sources to customize the values to your institution. 

Note: The Sport system data source uses the sports and associated codes from the College Board dataset.

Once you've created your custom data sources use Field Management in the Data Module to assign your custom data sources to the Athletics Field Grouping. 

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