As more Admissions events take place virtually, Element451 has created an easy way to host your events in Zoom and to automatically take attendance for the students that log into the Zoom-hosted event.

What data will Element451 need to integrate the virtual events with Zoom:

  • Meetings details: allows us to display and update meeting details, including the advanced settings. We will only see details for meetings created through Element451.

  • Profile email: used to display the account that is currently signed in for Zoom integration.

How to Install Zoom into your Element451 instance?

  1. Navigate to the “Events” > “All Events” section on the side menu.

2. Click to create a new virtual Event and select the “Make it a Zoom” option.

3. On Event view, navigate to “Event Overview” tab > “Event Date(s)”.

4. Click the “Login to Zoom” button.

5. Authorization screen on the Zoom website will appear and you will be asked to grant Element451 access to your information.

6. Once authorized, you will be redirected to the Element451 Client dashboard and now you will see a “Zoom” button with your Zoom account email displayed. Here is where you can later log out from zoom integration.

Now you are ready to start creating Zoom-hosted meetings for your Element451 Events. For more information on managing Zoom-hosted events, please see How to use Zoom Integration in Events?

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