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Maximize your campus event management with Element451: From setup to promotion and attendee engagement.

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The Events Module allows you to efficiently manage and promote campus eventsβ€”from visit programs to open houses. This robust tool facilitates event publication, attendee registration, and communication, all within Element451.

This module is designed to not only simplify event management but also to enhance the campus experience by fostering community and engagement through key features like:

  • Institutional Event Site

  • Event-Specific Landing Pages

  • Event Registration Management

  • Automated Confirmation & Reminder Messages

  • Customizable Thank-You & Follow-Up Outreach

  • Attendee & No-Show List Management

  • Integrated Payment Processing

  • Zoom Integration for Virtual Events

  • Advanced Event Settings: Featured Event, Repeatable Events, Event Series

Accessing Events

Navigate to Engagement > Events

Events Site

Your Events Site lists all your public events, enabling prospective attendees to browse, filter by category, date, and venue, and find events that match their interests. The site can be customized with logos, menus, and the ability to configure an external domain (e.g., for a cohesive, branded experience.

Event Landing Pages

Each event boasts a dedicated page that includes detailed information such as the event location, integrated with Google Maps for easy navigation, and a list of presenters to acquaint attendees with the faces behind the event. You can also share the URL of each unique event page in your event promotion efforts, directing traffic straight to registration.

Event Registration

Collect attendee information through a signup form, set attendee and guest limits, specify a registration closing date, and add a payment option for paid events. It also automates sending confirmation and reminder notifications to attendees, ensuring efficient communication.

Attendee Management

Maximize event efficiency with attendee management features: register individuals manually, update attendee status, check in attendees, filter through your attendee list quickly, and download attendee lists for reporting or printing. Explore our guide for detailed insights on leveraging these features.

Messaging + Notifications

Event Messaging simplifies communication by enabling direct messaging to registrants from within the Events Module, eliminating the need for separate Segment and Campaign creation. You can utilize customizable templates for registration confirmations and event reminders.

Featured Events

You can elevate key events to garner maximum attention by prominently showing them on your Events Site. These select events are showcased with a full-width billboard at the top of the page, utilizing the event's image to create a striking visual impact.

Repeatable Events

Simplify the scheduling of recurring events with our Repeatable Events feature. Avoid manual duplication by setting up recurring events according to your specific needs.

Event Series

Organize and highlight a connected series of events with ease. Each event series gets its own dedicated page, making it perfect for thematic promotions, such as lecture series or educational programs on financial literacy.

Zoom Integration

The Element451 + Zoom integration makes it easy to host your events in Zoom and to automatically take attendance for the students who log into the Zoom-hosted event.

Ready to create an event?

Are you ready to create an event and looking for the best place to start? We suggest reviewing these help articles in the following order:

For the basics of creating and managing events:

For more advanced configurations and specific use cases:

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