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  • How event series group related events together

  • How to create an event series

If you're organizing related events, for example, events for freshman orientation or a speaker series on financial aid, it's helpful to group them together on your site. Potential attendees know that if one of the events interests them, then the others probably will too. 

Event451's Event Series feature makes it simple to group related events into what are called "event series." People do not have to register for the entire series; they can pick and choose events within the series that they want to attend.

Before we show you how to create a series, here's a short overview of what event series will look like on your events site.

Event Series Page

Your events site lists all of the event series happening at your school on your events series page. When someone clicks on a series, they're taken to the individual series page.

Individual Series Page

The individual series page lists all the events that are part of a series. When a site visitor clicks on an event, they're taken to the event's page. That's where they'll see detailed information about the event, and be able to register if it's an event that has signups turned on.

Create an Event Series 

Before you create your event series, create the individual events that will be part of the series. If there are many, you don't need to create them all; a few to start the series is fine. 

Once you have a few of the events created:

1. Open the Events menu on the left of your dashboard menu, and select Event Series. If any event series has already been created, you'll see them listed on the screen that opens. If not, you'll be prompted to create your site's first event series.

2. Click on either the blue Add button on the top right to create a new series. Or, if no series exist yet, click on the button to create an event series. The New Event Series window will open.

3. Fill in the New Event Series form:

Name: A name for the event series.
Privacy: If your event series is public, it will be displayed on your events site. If it is private, users will need the URL in order to view your series. Note: Even if your series is private, an individual event in the series that is set to Public will still be visible on the main page of your event site.
Description: What connects the events in the series? Give a short description of why these events are related and what people should expect to get out of attending.

4. Click the Create Event Series button at the bottom of the form. Note: You can always edit the information you entered later.

5. Add or update details about the series to the series overview page.

Photo: Click Add Photo to open a window where you can select the photo from your computer. Accepted file types are .jpg and .png. 

Description: The series description that you entered when creating the event will appear in the description. You can edit it as needed.

Name: To change the name of the series, click the name and edit. 

Privacy: You can change the privacy settings to public or private. Keep in mind that when set to private, people will need the URL to view the series page.

6. Add events to the series. Click on the Events tab below the Description tab and click the Add Event button. The Add Event to Series window will open.

7. In the Add Events to Series window you'll see a list of your organization's events and their published status. Check the box(es) to the left of the events that are part of the series. Click Add Events when you have selected all of the events you want to include. Note: If not all of the events are created yet, return to this step when they have been created to add them to the series.

That's it! You've created your series. You should now see it listed on the event series page.

Remove Events from Series

To remove an event from a series, go to the events tab of the series and either:

  1. Click the trash can delete icon on the row of the event you want to delete.

  2. Check the box to the left of the item and any others you would like to delete, then click the menu on the top-right of the event list and select Remove Events.

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